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User Info: andylatinoboy

6 years ago#1
Mvc2 is a fun game which never gets boring. Playing online is a lot of fun until I run into assist spamers. I am a decent player who can hold my own against ppl that know infinites and all that stuff. However I run into a spammer who continually spams assists to keep me away then uses projectiles to kill me. Lol sometimes I beat them but it gets annoying. I respect those players that can do infinites cause that requires skill but if all you can do is spam assists then your just a noob. Learn how to do combos bro.


6 years ago#2
1] It is not your opponents responsibility to entertain you by playing in a manner you approve of

2] Nobody uses infinites outside of Ironman and Magneto and those infinites are deadly because of how they finish them not because they are infinites

3] There is no fair play meter rewarding you based on your subjective idea of what takes skill and doesnt

4] if you get beat by projectile and assist spam in this game you aint anywhere near decent
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User Info: Number_One_Jerk

6 years ago#3
Lol Evil Cap is harsh but also right^__^

User Info: EZ007

6 years ago#4
@ AndyLatinoBoy

Hey what's your PSN tagname?? Maybe we've already played before!!!
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User Info: Team_Clockw0rk

6 years ago#5
For assist spammers you need to know what their assist are and what type it is, AAA or Ground ETC. If they are not covering their assist you can just punish their assist with a hyper combo or counter it with your assist ETC. Or you can always snap in their Assist Character and kill it from there. From the 3 years Ive been playing this game these are the best tactics that i know of in order to kill their assist char.
Clockw0rk is my main team, if you cant handle that then ****off.

User Info: Team_Clockw0rk

6 years ago#6
IF you have an assist like Blackheart AAA which tracks them. You can always counter their projectile spam with Blackheart, but remember to always cover your assist and don't call if from full screen IF you fighting a char that has a hyper combo like cables, BB Hood ETC. Because if you do they can punish your assist char with Cable or BB Hood ETC. With a hyper combo and kill that assist char.
Clockw0rk is my main team, if you cant handle that then ****off.

User Info: andylatinoboy

6 years ago#7
Lol I beat assist spammers a lot more than they beat me but it still pisses me off. My psn account is projectrobert btw.

User Info: mvc2_fr34k

6 years ago#8
Sup Evil Cap?

It's mixah / dj.mixah / etc.etc....

User Info: mvc2_fr34k

6 years ago#9
You shouldn't ever lose to somebody who "spams their assists"... Bait and punish...
If you lose to that b/s, you don't know how to play.
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