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User Info: CeruleanGamer

7 years ago#1
This is where I'm going to put this for now since I have no clue how to upload FAQs. I'm still a noob at these kind of these you know.

OK Let's start!

What are ranks for?

Answer: Other than for prestige purposes and harder challenges for Ghost/Arcade mode, it has no other purpose. The higher rank you have the better the AI will be for Arcade and Ghost mode because the Ghosts will have around the same rank as you.

What are the ranks in Tekken?

Answer: (Highest = best, Lowest = worst)

Tekken God (maximum rank in Tekken 6)
Tekken Emperor (I think this replaced Lord of War rank in PS3/360)
Tekken Lord
Dragon Lord
Rogue (apparently this is an exclusive rank for the PSP)
4th Dan
3rd Dan
2nd Dan
1st Dan
1st Kyu
2nd Kyu
3rd Kyu
4th Kyu
5th Kyu
6th Kyu
7th Kyu
8th Kyu
9th Kyu
Beginner (everyone starts here)

How can I raise my rank?

Answer: There's an invisible point system which calculates how much "EXP" you need to rank up. By fighting enemies within 5 ranks of you (higher or lower) enough times, you can gain a Promotion Chance to raise your rank.

I've schooled so many high ranked enemies. I have like 1000+ something wins and I'm not Tekken God yet! I'm still a Sage... What's the big deal?

Answer: You can only raise your rank by fighting enemies within 5 ranks of you (including same rank). For example, you are ranked "Marauder". Anything lower than 4th Dan or higher than Vindicator will not yield "EXP" to give you Promotion Chances.

I heard you can only rank up up to 1st Dan offline for PS3 and 360, is it the same for PSP?

Answer: No, As long as you are fighting the enemies within your rank range, you will get promotion chances regardless. You don't need to be in ad hoc or any type of online mode to rank up.

How come Ghosts with Tekken Gods/Lords/Emperors ranks are much harder than the other ranks?

Answer: Ranks determine the difficulty of Ghosts as well. If you share a Ghost data with a friend via ad hoc and it has a high rank, it will play much better. Sending a Ghost Card with a beginner rank almost plays like a dummy character in practice mode. It has very minimal AI.

How many wins do I need to get to get Tekken Lord?

Answer: Assuming you have no Losses and been fighting enemies within your rank range, you can achieve Tekken God status in less than 300 wins. It varies depending on what ranks of the Ghosts you fight.

After losing several battles, this message saying "Demotion Risk" appeared. What do I need to do when that happens?

Answer: All you need to do is win that match so you can get rid of it. If you lose, your rank will go down by 1. You get Demotion Risks for losing matches frequently against Ghosts with the same or lower ranking than you. Like Promotion Chances, there's also an invisible point system at work here. Just keep winning battles to avoid this from happening.

Also if you keep fighting ghosts that have extremely low rank, like you being a Tekken God and fighting Ghosts that are Beginner or Kyu ranks,negative points are accumulated instead of positive that will contribute to Demotion Risks.

Are there rewards for getting certain ranks?

Answer: Getting into certain ranks will net you plenty of Gold bonus (start of a new colored rank in most cases). Achieving a Tekken Lord rank nets you 20 million Gold Bonus, enough to buy out most customization items for 1 character.

I think that covers most of it. Enjoy!
My youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/CeruleanGamer

User Info: vInSoRa

7 years ago#2
Nice, I think this will help nub who is just starting in ghost/arcade battle.
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User Info: Francision69

7 years ago#3
Very helpful info. Thanks!

User Info: CurryPotter

7 years ago#4
This is very informative and will help noobies out there.
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User Info: MARKNP

7 years ago#5

thanks good information shame the ranks have changed from tekken 5 a liked them but seems to be more ranks now so more enjoyment ranking up :)

User Info: Taekwonburi

7 years ago#6
Does it matter what difficulty you play on?

User Info: aemonz

7 years ago#7
so whats the fastest way to lvl up? arcade mode? or ghost battles?

User Info: CharREX

7 years ago#8
Rogue is not an exclusive rank for the PSP...
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User Info: Boltbeam

7 years ago#9
u missed Juggernault rank...
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User Info: CeruleanGamer

7 years ago#10
"Rogue is not an exclusive rank for the PSP..."

I don't recall seeing it on the PS3 versions which was kinda odd. or maybe I'm just not looking well enough.

Oh, and where does Juggernaut place again?
My youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/CeruleanGamer
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