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User Info: Sinobis

7 years ago#1
I have a question, about the perk leveling maps. I downloading me Perk Leveling Maps. But when i want to leveling my perk at this map, i dont become points of my perks. Commando, i must killing Stalker. I killing stalker at the perk leveling map, but i dont become points at the "kill stalker" section.

Can anyone help me? I dont become points when i want leveling my perk at the leveling perk map.

Sorry for my bad english. i come from germany.

User Info: maoric

7 years ago#2
Perk leveling maps do not work anymore. Maps have to be added to a "whitelist" in order to have perks progress.
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User Info: Sinobis

7 years ago#3
but i want to leveling my perks faster. how can i do?

User Info: maoric

7 years ago#4
The only thing you can do is play more often.
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User Info: akstylish

7 years ago#5
Here's my method.
Medic: Play with your friend and leave 1 clot at the end of a wave. Let it attack your friend and you keep healing him. Faster but insanely boring.

Support: Play in farm in suicidal solo. Use bloat-ed mut. Gather the bloats in line then aim their chests(kills faster than shooting at the abdomen) Stop at wave 7(unless you can handle FP). Rinse and repeat.

Sharpshooter: Play in relatively small map(manor/west london is best imo) in suicidal solo. Use clotbuster mut. You can get 400-500 kills until wave 7 if I remember correctly.

Commando: No shortcut due to the lack of stalker mutator.

Berserker: I'm not sure if this is faster, but I used poundemonium mutator in beginner mode.

Firebug: same as support. Use grenades as well as they count as fire damage.

User Info: IceStormV2

7 years ago#6
For Firebug and Support use the bloat only mutator on the highest difficulty you can play. Quit after wave 5, that's when other monsters will start to appear. Bloats high HP and large hitbox should have you swiming in damage points.

For sharpshooter, use the clot only mutator. you should be able to headshot every last one of them with the 9mm. again quit after wave 5.

For medic, just go online and find bad players. This one is simple.

Beserkers can just play normally. The fastest way for them is to go into solo and just suicide charge the monsters. you'll die alot, but you'll rake in damage fast and won't have to worry as much about waiting for waves to end if your in solo.

Commando is by far the hardest to level. no stalker only mutator means you gotta grind the crap out of the normal game and commandos can't rake in damage nearly as fast as Beserkers. Best idea is to go online. 6 people means 6x more stalkers and you can pick them off with your perk before non-commandos can even see them. If you have the stalker count done but not the damage. do what supports do and go with the bloat mutator.

Nana Climber's Number 1 Fan.
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User Info: akstylish

7 years ago#7
You didn't have to repeat half the things I said...

User Info: CommunismFTW

7 years ago#8
Or y'know, you can just play it and rank up as you get better and more hours in.
Christs may come, and Christs may go, but Caesar is forever

User Info: Konovalev

7 years ago#9
"you can just play it and rank up as you get better and more hours in."

User Info: LilFuniAZNBoi

7 years ago#10
If you are looking for the cheap no fun way of leveling your perks, then look for a rare "instant level 6" server I came across or you can use a cheat engine and since the level stats are client side, you can change the values of damage, headshots, stalkers killed and health healed, and give yourself level 6.

the video the cheat:

The instant level 6 server ip address:
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