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User Info: tcchip82

6 years ago#1
1. Always play as a Berserker, because you can't get caught by Clots, and everyone starts with the knife, so you're always armed!

2. Being able to close in without getting grabbed by Clots is great, but being able to go in close and unloading buckshot is even better! Aim to buy an AA12. It's pricey, but that's what teammates are for. Use it on full-auto for maximum firepower.

3. The LAW is pound for pound the most powerful single shot weapon in the game. You should always aim to carry that ASAP. But because it's so heavy, you should play as support class so you have room to pack in an additional weapon. (Unless you're playing Sharpshooter. See point 12)

4. See that big guy with a yellow light on its chest? It's called a Fleshpound. You need quantity, not quality to take down this big guy, so pull out your 9mm and shoot. If it turns red, it means you're hurting it, so don't stop to reload and pull out your knife to keep the hurt going before it harms your teammates.

5. The big guy with a chainsaw is called a Scrake. A Berserker with a katana can take one on by himself, but you should always help by adding your 9mm's firepower to speed up the process.

6. Remember that grenades and explosives also create smoke screens. So try and toss explosives as much as possible so the Zeds won't be able to see you. This is really important to avoid the Husk's shots.

7. The Medic is always on the lookout for wounded teammates. So always jump and weave about when he's shooting those healing darts at you. It's more noticeable than standing still to get his attention. If the Medic keeps missing with his darts, he isn't doing his job right.

8. When the Patriarch says 'one in the pipe', it means it's time for you to step out and lay a pipe bomb. Notice him standing still? That's your cue.

9. You need those weld points to raise support specialist, so weld every door you find. You don't need to weld them all to 100% all the time, but a little bit goes a long way.

10. Your teammates are probably richer than they want you to think. Keep begging them for cash at the trader's, because if everyone is carrying the M32, the Fleshpound won't stand a chance. Remind them that it's a team game.

11. As a Firebug, it's best to stay in the back row so you can light the way with your flamethrower. If you stand in front, you're blocking teammates.

12. Did you know that Sharpshooters get a headshot damage bonus with all weapons? Imagine the extra damage from a head shot with the LAW!

13. Crawlers are the weakest enemies in the game. A Berserker can kill one with one strike from a katana, so dive right into the crowd and watch your kill tally skyrocket! Better yet, use your axe for even more damage points!

14. The patriarch is a sucker for pipe bombs. Stack them all in one neat bunch behind a door, then weld it shut and watch the fireworks.Stay behind the door to weld it as Patty is breaking it down, you'll also be getting weld points for support perk.

15. The phrase 'fight fire with fire' has never been truer. The best way to deal with a Husk is to let him have a taste of his own medicine and barbecue him with the flamethrower.

User Info: tcchip82

6 years ago#2
16. As a Medic, let your teammates be as badly injured as possible before moving in to save them. Your syringes need to recharge between uses, and you can't keep wasting shots on people who took only like 5 points of damage. Besides, the more damage you heal, the more money you get.

17. If you're surrounded and are going to die, switch back to the 9mm so you can pick it up for some akimbo awesomeness the next round. Did you know that selling a second 9mm also instantly refills your ammo?

18. Whomever that tells everyone to switch to chainsaws against the Patriarch and hacking away with secondary fire is just sabotaging the team's efforts. DON'T LISTEN TO HIM! Look at the chainsaw's slow swing! You honestly expect to kill anything with that?

19. There are more enemies and they have more hit points on higher difficulties, but also a lot more level 6 players. So a level 0 Firebug or Demolitions can join a Hell On Earth game and ask the level 6 player to buy you a weapon since they get it at 70% discount. You'll be hitting level 6 racking damage points in no time doing this!

User Info: taz_8806

6 years ago#3
chip, You have done a great service to mankind. These n00bs will be able to play with the big boys in no time. *thumbs up*
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User Info: tcchip82

6 years ago#4
Please feel free to contribute. :)

User Info: Spen

6 years ago#5
Haha! Well done!
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User Info: BowtotheTWIG

6 years ago#6
20. You need money. As much money as you possibly can. Therefore, its okay for you to run off on your own and try to Rambo everything.

21. If you, for some reason, die in your heroic Rambo attempts, don't worry. Just beg teammates for money so you can get your guns again. Then you can try to Rambo the exact same way again and again. And again.
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User Info: zefig

6 years ago#7
6. Remember that grenades and explosives also create smoke screens. So try and toss explosives as much as possible so the Zeds won't be able to see you. This is really important to avoid the Husk's shots.

Don't forget that ninjas often throw smoke bombs at their feet to pull off amazing/mysterious escapes. And you have a grenade that not only raises a dust cloud, but also hurts enemies! What could go wrong?
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User Info: tcchip82

6 years ago#8
22. You get an achievement for buying the potato. More specimens on Hell On Earth means more bounty for everyone, so you should only do this achievement on HOE servers.

23. That goes for the door in Aperture too. Not only do you get an achievement, but you get thousands of weld points as well, so focus on unwelding and let your teammates handle the fighting. Again, you should only do this on Suicidal or Hell On Earth difficulties so that your teammates have more creeps to kill and more bounty they can share with you while you were too busy unwelding to make money.

24. To add to point 9. You should weld shut every door your come across because you're also giving your teammates points from them unwelding it. The best time to do it is when everyone is heading to the trader's because doors will respawn between rounds.

25. The Firebug carries 100 units of fuel in his flamethrower minimum and pays 40 quid for a full tank, while a single crossbow bolt costs 36 quid if you're not a sharpshooter. Naturally, anyone with a crossbow should take the ammo box first.

26. The M14EBR has the worst iron sights in the game, and the laser pointer is useless for anything further than 5 meters. To compensate, you should always aim for the body and make full use of its high rate of fire and generous ammo count.

27. The crossbow's bolt can pierce multiple targets. You can make the best use of it to kill a line of Clots, Stalkers or Crawlers. Don't waste your limited and expensive ammo on single enemies like Husks, Sirens and Scrakes. It's more cost effective for the Support to unload one full clip of AA12 ammo onto the Scrake, plus he gets some major damage points too.

28. As demolitions, it's your job to mine the map as much as possible, so don't be shy about asking for money to replenish your pipe bomb supply every round. It's hilarious watching a dozen Clots get blown up by a single pipe.

29. To add to the point above, make sure the Fleshpound is red first before luring it to a pipe bomb so you'll know it's wounded and can die from a single bomb. If it's still yellow, shoot it with the 9mm first repeatedly. The angry roars and reckless charging is a defense mechanism to hide the fact he's actually wounded and is desperate to avoid further punishment.

30. Money isn't easy to come by, especially when you're trying to buy the potato. Take the time to loot fallen teammates' weapons before the round ends. Selling an AA12/SCAR/M32 will earn you a lot of money so don't hesitate to pick it up and sell it. After all, you can always repay your teammates with your surplus cash after beating the Patriarch.

User Info: SynysterG

6 years ago#9
31. When playing Demolitions, be as close to the Zeds as possible when firing your grenade launcher. Since grenades are scarce and costly, you'll want to minimize the risk of missing!
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User Info: taz_8806

6 years ago#10
32. The starting knife is the single greatest weapon in the entire game. That's right, you heard it here first. It costs you nothing to get, and it doesn't use any ammo at all. So, rack up them kills with it, and watch your surplus dosh skyrocket.
"These are my goodbye guns." - Dr. Cox
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