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User Info: Glitch_The3rd

5 years ago#1
So I got every Halloween achievement but the one for clearing Bedlam on Hard. After trying unsuccessfully for the past 2 days to get on a good team, I finally managed to get in a team that was only levels 4-6 (had gotten level 4 Sharpy myself not too long ago). Long story short, everyone but 2 people died fighting Pat in the courtyard, and when we respawned I got the Commando Chicken, the Halloween achievement for clearing Bedlam on Hard, the normal achievement for clearing Bedlam on hard, and the achievement for clearing all 3 Summer 2009 maps on Hard.

I'm probably going to take this opportunity to grind up some more perks (I have level 3 in everything but Field Medic and Sharpy, damage over 1 mil on all of them), so hopefully my body will be ready for the Christmas event.
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User Info: InvsBrineShrimp

5 years ago#2
Same kind of deal here. 3 days way unsuccessful and bad players. I guess I can't complain since I'm not the best either (4 sharpshooter). Even stayed up way late on a school night trying to get this chicken. Tonight was lucky finally thanks to the apparent amazing strategy that is "everyone go berserker with a chainsaw" all we did was wait for the patriarch and everyone just gathered around and he died in about 8 seconds total. Crazy

User Info: dr_burger92

5 years ago#3
You get more scrakes if you play SP. Got about 6 or 7 for a half hour of time.

But yeah, I suppose it did take me a few hours to beat bedlam on hard. And like you, TC I died fighting the pat and left it up to others.
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User Info: SN_Ninja

5 years ago#4
We had some dude who was angry at the rest of the squad for letting someone farm Scrake kills, because he left as soon as he was done which screwed us over in the tenth wave. We really had no control in the matter, and I argued that even if we wanted to steal his kills to make him stay, he was a sharpshooter who could one-shot Scrakes which would make that task pretty much impossible.

So, when we retried the map, he decided that he was going to 'waste our time', vindicating everybody else for apparently giving the guy a green light on killing the Scrakes. He basically either became a troll, or was a troll the whole time, it was 50/50 really. He made an effort to distract the other guys by saying "L4D is so much better. Why do you play this?" or asking for money for an AA12 because it's "really cool." For some reason, he particularly didn't like me I think, because he'd jump right in front of me blocking my line of sight when I never said a word on the whole Scrake farming thing in the first place. Oh yeah, he also welded doors.

Anyways, we still won in the end. Wasn't even annoyed when the guy boasted that we bought him a free 'win Bedlam on Hard' achievement. Even with one dude dicking around being a nuisance, we won against waves designed for six shooters.

Hey wait, Glitch_The3rd, don't you go to the TF2 boards?
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User Info: Alpha218

5 years ago#5

From: SN_Ninja | Posted: 11/4/2011 8:06:05 PM | #004
Hey wait, Glitch_The3rd, don't you go to the TF2 boards?

yes he does
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User Info: tcchip82

5 years ago#6
I never liked Bedlam to begin with, but at least when I got the regular Hard achievement, I was playing with people who knew what they were doing, even if they weren't level 6.

Getting the Halloween achievement was a much more difficult process that took 2 days to unlock. There were either too many first-timers trying to play hard as a level 0/1 , or a lot of bored and cocky level 6 players who refuse to work together. You have people refusing to camp at the long hallway near the spawn point, or 3 Demos camping at said point and smoking up the hallway, then blowing themselves up in a state of panic when the FP appears to low level players using the chainsaw on primary fire against Patty. I hope when Tripwire does the special event achievement, they'd just set it on a Normal game instead of Hard.

User Info: JanusPL

5 years ago#7
my favorite
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User Info: WeiRdO618

5 years ago#8
Does anyone know how long the Halloween event will last? I can't invest much time playing these two weeks, exams and all =[

User Info: grand_commander

5 years ago#9
They extended it until tomorrow, so you're still out of luck.
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