Tips for using stealth?

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User Info: PerfectFoe

7 years ago#1
Owl wants me to go into the processing plant full of mercenaries to get the documents, but I'm having a lot of trouble making it inside. I just started the game yesterday, so I've pretty much got nothing except the basics, like an AK-74 and a shotgun, pistol etc.

Owl suggested that I use stealth to get inside the processing plant, and I've been trying to since I'm underequipped, but so far, that's not working out at all. The guards seem to be able to feel my footfalls, because even if I'm not in view of them, I'll still cause an alert just by being near them. I'm crouchwalking through the whole base, and my sound and vision meters are both empty, yet somehow I still trigger an alert each time. I've tried fighting my way through, but there's so many of them that I just get overwhelmed.

Is there some techinque to stealth that I'm failing to grasp? Should I maybe come do this mission later on? Thanks in advance for any help.
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User Info: Druuberry

7 years ago#2
I read somewhere you're supposed to go at night and it's a lot easier to sneak in, they don't have that incredible radar where they can see you even though you're completely hidden and quiet.

I tried sneaking in a few times in the day by going around back, and up into that pipe that leads into the building, but they seemed to be able to smell me in that pipe or something.

Finally I just grabbed my sniper rifle, and started dropping them from outside the compound. Took 2 down before a group of about 5 came out together and tried to hunt me down,. Took a bit of running around the edges of the compound and sniping them as they came around corners, and a dozen health packs + bandages + a few quick saves, but I eventually got them.

User Info: RedneckPirate

7 years ago#3
I'm always able to sneak into the pipe that leads right aove where the "intel" is located, but before I jump down they all see me. Course, then it's easy to pick them off from inside the pipe.
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User Info: Mastercosmo

7 years ago#4

Get to the main entrance, head into the compund and stay at the bottom of the steep rise that leads up to the main building. As long as you stay below the rise and crouch (no noise), the guards won't detect you. Get to the pipe, climb up into it and follow it into the building. The exit opening is right next to the table with the intel on it. The trouble is, you WILL be spotted at this point. I just sat in the pipe and killed everyone as they came in through the door or up the stairs from the bottom floor. With enough patience and the right weapon(s), you should be able to kill all of the mercs. However, you could also just kill the ones posing an immediate threat, grab the intel and book it back to the pipe and back out the way you came.

User Info: Caladfwich

7 years ago#5
Get a dragonov on a stash near the sawmill and problem solved. Or got to the burnt farmstead and get a Vintorez if you prefer something a little more discrete.

Here is a stash map, just look for a stash near the sawmill and the burnt farmstead zones.

User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
7 years ago#6
I never had trouble with this one. Found a silenced pistol on a random corpse and just used that at night. Probably six or seven mercs to dispatch, but nothing too difficult.

Stealth in this game is much more realistic in the sense that a trained soldier or mercenary will be able to detect an odd noise or something out of the corner of their eye. Just make it a rule, if you saw them, they saw you. If you heard them, they heard you.
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User Info: BetOnTheBrat

7 years ago#7
You shouldnt reload your weapons either. I noticed when I reload inside the pipe that thats when they hear me. And you should be crouching every step of the way.

User Info: Wilbo26

7 years ago#8
I tried several times, being as absolutely quiet as possible, and they always detected me as soon as I got near the exit of the pipe in the base. Even when it was broad daylight I had no trouble sneaking to that point, but once you're there you just have to waste them all. As others have said its a fairly easy job with all the cover the pipe provides. I think I capped 7 of the 8 mercs in there and finally had to hop out and chase down the last guy as he didn't seem to want to come up the stairs.
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User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
7 years ago#9
I didn't know about the pipe until after. On my second play-through, I just found a Tunder and sniped them all from the outside.
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User Info: AmenoLT

7 years ago#10
thread whit this topic should be sticky.

wait for better weapon. Search for hiden stash you can find sniper in burned building.
waste few guys from a far.
when you run out of ammo or med kit's come back other day they don't respawn.
and you allways will triger an allarm.

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