Best Stalker game?

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User Info: count_hamstein

7 years ago#1
Anyone else agree with me and think that this is the best stalker game without mods. I only with that there was more fighting between freedom and duty, like freedom attacking duty outposts and vise versa.

Besides that amazing game, and my favorite in the stalker series.

User Info: longtonguecat

7 years ago#2


SoC > CS=CoP

CoP is better made, but I really miss how large CS was and the more intense Faction stuff... Not just the wars, but the sense if belonging etc... after being so alone...

User Info: count_hamstein

7 years ago#3
That is stuff that Lucian is probably gonna add in his mod...I hope.

User Info: Psalm51

7 years ago#4
count_hamstein...Yup, you've got my vote. Stalker Call of Pripyat is so good that I've gone out and re-bought both SoC and Clear Sky and intend to beat them (enjoying myself in the process!) this time.
Forgiven and restored...King David.

User Info: metroidtamer

7 years ago#5
I've only played this one and ShOC. With that said, CoP takes the cake easily. When asked which I think is best, I feel this one is if only because the game as a whole is less of a bug/glitch fest. Also, I can actually side with Freedom without having to gunfight my way through a duty-filled town(primary reason I never beat the 1st one)

But in both, the eerie feelings I get when I'm walking at night or in a new area and that green meter rises...

User Info: Psalm51

7 years ago#6
metroidtamer...Yup, the sound and noise bars on the HUD were brilliant! As you say, walking around areas at night, with or without the night vision goggles + keeping clear of unwanted battles with mutants was great fun...
Forgiven and restored...King David.

User Info: raistlin1977

7 years ago#7

Im addicted to ALL 3 games and am mod mad lol. Have yet to try smrter though. Sometimes i hesitate to play as i know ill get sucked in and neglect responsibilites lol. Its one the few games i played where i really feel like im in the game. Hmmm fave is the first one and not sure how id rank the other two but with mods they can be excellent

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