Best weapons of each type?

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User Info: AlleRacing

6 years ago#1
I'm pretty happy with the weapons I have now, but I'm always obsessed with having the 'best' in any game I play.

Right now I'm using the:

March pistol with silencer attached
Storm assault rifle with a 2.7x scope and silencer attached
Predator shotgun
Tide sniper rifle

And I'm pretty happy with them.

I'm wondering though, could I be using better weapons? Are the Carbineer or Eliminator shotguns better than the Predator (Predator was better than the SPSA-14 I replaced)? Are the GP37, FT200 or Strelok's SGI-5k better than the Storm? Steppe Eagle or other pistol better than March? Also, how do the unique sniper rifles compare to the Tide? I prefer my sniper rifle to be silenced which is why I avoided the SVD, but the SVU can get an integrated silencer, so I might prefer that one.

Also, might as well ask in this topic, where can I find some good mods?

User Info: AlleRacing

6 years ago#2
Also, my weapons are completely upgraded at the moment, so this is with upgrades in mind.

Also, how do I activate the thermal vision on the Sphere M12 helmet?

User Info: _Kupopo

6 years ago#3
If that's the Nitro exclusive upgrade, you don't really activate it. It just shows your enemies as red dots on your minimap.

User Info: AlleRacing

6 years ago#4
Oh, pff, no wonder I couldn't figure out how to activate it. I was thinking some kind of thermal vision like Splinter Cell or something.

User Info: _Kupopo

6 years ago#5
Most of us did think so. I guess.

User Info: AlleRacing

6 years ago#6

Still, any thoughts on the weapons. I did some more experimenting with all the third tier upgrades, and it seems like the Storm is still the best all-round assault rifle, especially since it uses more common ammo and I can choose my own scope and silence it. Finally got the Carabineer and upgraded it, it only beat my Predator in accuracy, fire rate and magazine size, all by a small margin. It was heavier, did way less damage and had lower handling.

User Info: ShinesmanOW

6 years ago#7
Just my opinions:

Sniper rifle: Tide (silenced, doesn't have the ridiculous bullet drop of other silenced sniper rifles). To be honest, I rarely bothered to carry it since an assault rifle is almost always good enough. Honorable mention goes to the Gauss Rifle, which is crippled by all of the buildings in Pripyat that prevent you from using it at truly long range.

Assault rifle: GP37 (low recoil, high accuracy, never a reason not to use full auto). Honorable mention goes to Strelok's, since it can attach all of the optional bits and adapt to whatever situation.

Submachine gun: March (only when upgraded, obviously), and honestly the basic 9x19 is good enough 90% of the time.

Shotgun: Carabineer in the vanilla game. The Saiga in SMRTER wins hands down all day long because of the way it reloads.

Pistol: Commemorative Makarov. The only pistol I actually use, and only in the early game. Ironically, I've been tempted to carry it all the way through because it weighs 0.15 kg when upgraded, so why not?

User Info: redsky999

6 years ago#8
Pistol: March (only use it for artifact hunting though)
AR: Strelok's SIG 550 - Very effective when fully upgraded, if you side with Freedom you can get a bucnh of addons to make it incredibly versatile and as that's what I look for in a main weapon this is hands down the best gun in the game IMO.
Shotgun: Protecta. Large clip, can fit a scope (if you want to slug-snipe or you can fit a low magnification scope for shells), can be upgraded to have full auto fire.
Sniper Rifle: Gauss Rifle. OHK for practically every enemy in the game, decent clip size and the low ROF doesnt matter too much because you're sniping and almost everything dies in one shot, right?
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User Info: grimweird

6 years ago#9
Ew. Another best weapon question :P

I've been using the SMRTER mod forever so some of this might not be applicable to vanilla users. Also, played this game many months ago and while I still play on and off, I might not remember everything too clearly. Sorry...

There really is no such thing as a best weapon dude, only the weapon which is best suited to a given situation and your ability to use that particular piece of equipment well.

For instance, the OC14 Storm which you like is best suited IMHO for short to medium range engagements since it lacks the capacity to mount a scope and on short bursts its recoil causes wide shot groupings beyond 50 meters or so.

If I remember correctly, it's also heavier than other rifles and handles (panning around the screen) less well. Ammo is less common and heavier too, to compound this, ammo capacity is considerably less than other weapons. Lastly, it's kinda expensive to maintain right?

On the plus side, stopping power is quite high and it performs well even against mutants. I also remember the weapon to be rather robust and reliable, the ability to mount a suppressor is also a plus point.

You would not want to use this rifle during missions like, say... The raid on the mercenary position at the water treatment facility near the beginning of the game. Nor would you want to use this during the last battle at the end of the game.

It would however be a good weapon to use for missions like the underground journey to Pripyat though or for general close quarter indoor firefights where accuracy and range are not as important as fast, reliable, knock down firepower.

In a nutshell, try to understand what is required for any given undertaking and carry the best available tool for the job.

Personally if you want all round capability for simply wandering the zone with no specific mission in mind, I would recommend a multi role assault rifle ideally fully modified FN2000 or G36 with grenade launcher and suppressor, typically with 300 or so rounds of AP ammo and a half dozen or so 40mm grenades. This will be your primary weapon.

A good combat shotgun with semi or full auto capability, preferably the SPAS12 or Protecta should be your secondary gun and should also be fully tweaked to your personal preference, less range and accuracy and more firepower in my opinion as it will be your "indoor" gun with strong anti-mutant capability.

If you think you need it, a sniper rifle may also be carried in your backpack in case you get the opportunity to safely ambush and eliminate enemies at a distance. No need to get hurt and damage your equipment unnecessarily right? Although, IMO a good assault rifle and careful placement of rounds will generally be enough for most situations.

A sidearm like a pistol or SMG is not necessary and need not be carried, waste of weight allowance. Again, my opinion.

Hope this helps :)
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User Info: Dagothkitty

6 years ago#10
I roll with the fully upgraded MP5 "Cutter".

There are better weapons available, but the Cutter's good damage combined with it's firing rate and respectable accuracy make it a suitable gun.
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