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User Info: defunct32

6 years ago#1
It's late but it's better than never here's hoping this map will help future players and veterans alike...


I've labeled everything in here this only applies to places/town/dungeons only, I didn't bother labeling the items you get on the map otherwise everything will look over-clustered! There is still room for improvements let me know if you spot any mistakes.

No, I don't play this game anymore so I can't really help with anything I'm just finishing up what I've left behind a long time ago, seek Koichimaru on this board he can assist you a lot more better.



**Thanks to everyone who replied and contributed!


1-1 Vahallam Ruins (after Japple Desert) ALL stats 80

2-1 Japple Desert REQ: 50 AGI, 55 LUK, 70 INT
2-2 Tehes Hamlet
2-3 Frozen Wood
2-4 Illusion Lake (?) ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY!

3-1 Trace Route Range

4-1 Mt. Borhoko REQ: 50 STR, 50 VIT, 25 LUK
4-2 Cowl Village PLOT GIVEN
4-3 Vergis Kingdom PLOT GIVEN
4-4 Nameless Temple ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY!
4-5 Underground Grave (?) REQ: COLLECTION 54, ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY

5-1 Umari Island (after Japple Desert) REQ: ALL STATS EXCEPT FOR AGL 90 AND LUK 80

6-1 Albahart
6-2 Desert
6-3 Mt. Agua/Aqua
6-4 Abandoned Armory (?) (after Japple Desert) REQ: ALL STATS STATS 40 ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY!
6-5 Abandoned Building (?) PLOT GIVEN AND ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY

7-1 Mt. Loffka (Destruct 3 3 Trees, 2 Boxes, 1 Float Monster > Wind Corridor 3)

8-1 Norsulan PLOT GIVEN
8-2 Old Road
8-3 Norus Forest
8-4 Forest Of Light
8-5 Pazuma Ruins (Fledgling Title From Collection - REQ: 5 battles)

9-1 Mountain Range
9-2 Frotress Site ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY
9-3 Hidden Valley (?) ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY

10-1 Lake Eulid
10-2 Spirit Fountain (?) REQ: 100 INT AND LUK
'-> 10-2 Elemental Fountain (after Japple Desert) ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY

11-1 Cave Of Lament
11-2 Water Demon Cave (?) REQ: COLLECTION 76 TO UNLOCK.

12-1 Varanoir
12-2 Abyssal Gate
12-3 Bernard Revine*

*To search for B. Ravine you must have the title/alias INSULATOR 130 (AND ALSO collect 8 Slime Jellies)

13-1 Harbor City Girvea*
13-2 Sunriao Forest

*You have to be at Valanoir Guild and talk to the obese woman, Gadgetta.

14-1 Geloo Mountain REQ: AGI 75, LUK 50, STR 75

15-1 Sheol Cavern (after Japple Dessert) ALL stats 55

16-1 Aerial City, Ronika (after Japple Dessert) AGL, LUK, INT 125
16-2 Decaying Ruins (?) ONE-TIME EVENT ONLY

17-1 Ogrin Mountain Range (after Japple Dessert ALL stats 70


User Info: metlspaz4

6 years ago#2
hey, if a guide is made, do you mind if we use this information in it?

User Info: defunct32

6 years ago#3
Use it, it's for everyone! Just don't claim and say you made the labeling or something :P I mean the original map wasn't made by me but I put in the extra effort to label them in English, haha. Otherwise, go ahead and feel free, enjoy!
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