Leveling up, and deciding between potentials/innate skills.

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User Info: Valinne

6 years ago#1
First question, I'm just after the fight with Bridgette at the volcano, and just got Zelos' Ignis Core.

How come leveling is so difficult? My entire team is about 10, and barely managed to pick off a weakened Bridgette to win that fight. I later come back to struggle almost an hour winning against level 26 monsters in the area, and only manage to gain ~2 levels for everyone. TWO! Killing weaker things is mind numbing as well. Is there any more efficient way to level up? Is that exp boosting void skill worth it?

Second question, I know that in Spectral Souls, the potentials for being in a certain class at a certain time for certain characters were much better than ones you'd end up with without planning. Do the characters in this game have split innate skills, I think they call them? Will I have to worry about being completely screwed over when for example, Snow gets Anger or something?

User Info: touyamizrahi

6 years ago#2
for the first part, leveling will seem mind-numbing, but it goes pretty fast i find. Take Suracio forest? (forget spelling at the moment) go to the second or third map. it'll have a save crystal right beside the starting warp point. the enemies there are level 15-19. put in a couple of hours there (yes hours) you'll have your whole team 20-ish in no time. i don't use the exp void skill, but when you level, are you cranking all your stats into just def? or are you making sure to at least put some into attack for that character too? also, don't forget to upgrade your gear! it helps too :). gear levels up with EP gained from killing things. the forest mentioned above all enemies on the map drop 5EP per kill. so once you're ripping through it, your gear should at platinum rank 1 in no time at all. after all, it's only 58EP to take any starting gear and get it to silver. silver levels are something like 264ish EP until platinum.

as for the innate skill thing. dunno about that. hopefully someone else does :).

User Info: Valinne

6 years ago#3
Thanks for your help! Yeah, I was mainly going in order of Agility > Vitality > Primary damage stat, but I'm switching gears to go more for Vitality > Agility > Primary damage stat > Luck > opposite of primary damage stat. I had to use a lot of PP to open up certain areas, so I was trying to reestablish a balance again.

Okay, as long as I know it'll take some hours, I'll just commit myself to it. I have no problem with weapons or skills, like I said, I easily, but tediously took down level 26~29 stuff at the volcano. But I'd rather kill faster and get more items and EP and stuff even if the leveling rate is the same.

User Info: _chaotikz_

6 years ago#4
Yeah. Some characters have different potentials depending on their class, here's the levels they learn them:

Nguyen Le ( Lv31 )
Sciorra ( Lv51 )
Liza ( Lv46 )
Carla ( Lv39 )
Isaac ( Lv26 )
Naiz ( Lv29 )
Hillo ( Lv34 AND Lv52 )

I don't remember each potential, tho ... your best bet is to choose the ones you want by saving / resetting .

User Info: Valinne

6 years ago#5
Thank you, now I know who to change early and not worry about now. The rest I'll keep at class 1 and save/reset to see either skill. However, can't you change again at 40? That means those characters that have differing ones past 40 depend on being either class 2 or 3...if it's 1, that'll be hard to check. And then, of course, there's...Hilo. I'll wait to level her at all until I get some confirmation, then. I know in Spectral Souls, it was class 1 all the way, severely hampering her performance with the rest of the crew for most of the game.

User Info: Juliano025

6 years ago#6
To my knowledge, you get different potentials depending on your class. I'm not sure if you can change them once you get them. One example I know of is; Nguyen Le learns Anger at Lv31 if you don't change his class at Lv25. If you do change his class at 25 he will instead learn Power Amp at Lv31. I don't know about the other characters because I'm still mid game, even then, I'd have to start a new game to know their full potential lists lol, or you could Just check the JP wiki for them.

User Info: JIM12306

6 years ago#7
Something i recently found out is that you can't grind too much on low level enemies.

As they will eventually completely stop giving out exp after a while.

So as far as leveling goes. It's probably best to fight enemies that are a higher level then your party members.
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User Info: Valinne

6 years ago#8
Checking the wiki would be best, but I'm not that experienced with Spectral/Blazing Souls, I might not know which is the better option in the long run. And you're right about that, hence the way I'd "check" the options would be to save one level prior, change class, gain that level, and reset to see the other option. Sounds a little tedious, so I think I'd rather check the wiki and base my own assumptions prior to getting to that point.

BUT...I'll probably be leveling for a while, so hopefully it'll all be sorted out by then.
Anyway, thanks again everyone, doing the events at Sanrio Forest so that I can open it up to level there.

A little off topic, but...is Leeza



User Info: ThugHeart

6 years ago#9
Hiro learns accelerate at level 49 and thats all she learns at that level.... No Genius sadly..

User Info: awakeindream

6 years ago#10
Besides enhancing your gears, also try to exploit the enemies' weaknesses.

The faster you are able to break their armor, the easier is to overkill them.

This is especially helpful in trying to gain levels and farming items.
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