Japple desert??

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User Info: pocholo020

7 years ago#1
I really need help finding the japple desert....any help please

User Info: vanhitex

7 years ago#2
Have you finish the dessert story where you got carla? then gather information at the guild if one of them say anything about japple dessert then you can unlock japple dessert .

User Info: FatedEncounter

7 years ago#3
make sure you dont progress too far in the story otherwise the information on Japple will disappear...happened to me -___-

also keep in mind that Japple Desert is not the same as Desert...Japple is somewhere left of Albahart. search where there is a small dark dot.

User Info: pocholo020

7 years ago#4
yea i got carla already n got the information about the japple desert too.....but they dont tell me where it is

User Info: pamboys

7 years ago#5
try advancing with the story. its bound to show up after some events :))

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