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User Info: Ichigo_Naruto

7 years ago#1
Warning! Only use Faqs when you really need it or else the game will be too easy and boring! You've been warned...

Room 1 Quick Faq:
• Open the drawer where the lamp shade is, grab Keys, seperate Keys. Use the Purple Key on the door and your done!

Room 2 Faq:
• Check the Note (on the desk far right top corner. It gives you the password for the safe.)
• Grab Hammer, go to the next room.
• Open the left closet, grab Sharp Knife. (use knife on the black leather on the wall. Then use Hammer. You get a Key. Use the Key on the bottom left corner.
• Baseball Machine: How to use - S means you got the right number on the right spot. B means you have the number on the wrong spot.
• Once done, the locked door opens and you clear the stage.

Room 3 Faq:
• Get Hammer | Capsule (lower right corner) | Camra (table next to bookshelf, left side of the screen) | Lp Record (check under rug) | Water Bottle (top of bookshelf on top right screen) | Lighter (top left corner - colored purple)
• Seperate camra, you should get a film. Put film in fire place, then use the lighter. Magnify the words. The ones in red is the password for the safe, it's "HOPE"
• Get the Sodium from safe combine with Capsule, then combine it with the Water Bottle.
• Put Water Bottle in the hole underneath the clock. (wall explodes)
• Use the hammer, then go in.
• Get Cheese in the glass shelf.
• Use the Lp Record in the record machine at the left. Then go back to other room and use the Cheese. You get Mouse Key, then in your bag seperate Mouse Key Use the key to exit the room!

Room 4 Quick Faq:
• Go to other room (the door to your right.) The password for the safe is "3507" You get a Remote Control.
• Grab the Batteries (inside metal closet next to the safe.) Combine Remote Control and Batteries, then use on the locked door in the first room and your done!

Room 5 Quick Faq:
• Grab the Hammer use it on the floor on the southwest.
• In the next room grab the Chalk from the spiderweb. (top left corner)
• Grab the Key from the drawer on your right. Use the Key on the closet on the left wall.
• Use Screwdriver on the hard drive (below the monitor)
• Grab Sharp Knife, then combine with Chalk. You get Chalk Dust.
• Use the Chalk Dust on the number panel of the door from the right. (The password changes, so you'll have to figure out the password yourself)
• Open door and your done.

Brought to you by >Gekido87<
GT: Gekido 87

User Info: Ichigo_Naruto

7 years ago#2
Room 6 Faq:
• Grab the Pipe. (bottom right screen) Then the Hammer. (top right screen)
Next the Tape (inside glass cupboard)
• Use the Hammer on the window. (top left screen) You get a Valve.
• Then use the Tape on the window. (where you see a Blue Card) Use the Card on the door and enter.
• In the second room grab the Cup. (near the door you came from)
• Grab the other Cup. (middle right side of the room)
• Next install both the Valve and Pipe on the water spout. (bottom left corner)
• Water Puzzle - Goal 4L:
+ Fill up 3L-Cup and combine it with 5L-Cup. You should have 3L of water inside the 5L-Cup.
+ Do the same thing again. Now you got 1L of H20 inside the 3L-Cup and the 5L-Cup will have 5L of H20.
+ Empty the 5L-Cup and then combine the 3L-Cup into the empty 5L-Cup. Should have 1L inside the 5L-Cup.
+ Fill up the 3L-Cup once more and combine it with the 5L-Cup. Now you got your 4L of water.
• Next open the freezer and put the 5L-Cup insid, close freezer door. (Gray freezer top right corner of room)
• Then open the freezer, grab the Frozen Cup, then seperate. Put the Frozen Water on the orange scale.
• Open door and finish.

Room 7 Quick Faq:
• Grab the Super Magnifying Glass. (under purple clock)
• Grab Black Poster. (right side of the room)
• Grab Wire. (the locker closest to the poster you got)
• Put Black Poster under door, use the Super Magnifying Glass on door handle, then use the Wire on the handle next.
• Grab the Poster and you get the Key to the door and your out.

Room 8 Quick Faq:
• Grab the Ruler. (left bottom screen) Use the Ruler below the shelf. (top center screen) You should get Toolbox Key.
• Use Key to open purple toolbox, the take the Screwdriver.
• Grab the Clock. (top right corner)
• Combine Screwdriver with Clock. You'll get Roman Numeral Numbers
• Insert the numbers from left to right, the Password is 3_7_11_2
(if you don't know roman numerals it's > III_VII_XI_II <
• The door opens and your done.

Room 9 Faq:
• Starating on the left corner towards bottom right corner, grab:
+ Air Pump
+ Sunglasses (inside closet)
+ Hammer (box on top)
+ Sharp Knife (box on floor)
+ Cola (on desk)
+ Medal #2 (tap book 3x)
+ Gift Box (inside locker)
+ Adhesive Tape (in closet)
+ Torn Tube (below bookshelf)
+ Medal Box (inside drawer)
• Seperate:
+ Sunglasses get Red Lens.
+ Gift Box get Teddy Bear.
• Combine:
+ Adhesive Tape with Torn Tube get Tube.
+ Sharp Knife with Teddy Bear get Medal #4.
• Use Tube between between closet and bookshelf at the right side of the room, followed by the Air Pump. Get Medal #3.
• Use Red Lens on laser above the plant, then use Hammer where the laser points at, get Medal #1.
• Combine all Medals with Medal Box. Use Medal Box, the answer is 64.
• Combine Rusty Key with Cola, get Key.
• Use Key on door and get out.

Room 10 Quick Faq:
• Grab the Toothpaste inside drawer and the Wire from the plant.
• Go to other room, grab the Cane use it to get the Magnet behind broken wall.
• Exit room; Combine Wire and Magnet, then use it on the fire. You get Metal Plate. Combine Plate and Toothpaste. You get Clean Plate, use the password on the safe.
• Use Fire Ext. and use on the fire and get out.

Brought to by >Gekido87<
GT: Gekido 87
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