Evolution Stones

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User Info: gg132

7 years ago#1
Can you buy them in this game or do you have to get them the same way you got them in the originals. If you can where do you buy them?

User Info: pokefan5253

7 years ago#2
this is just a rip off of my topic
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User Info: NovaManXP

7 years ago#3
I really want to know where to get a Moon Stone and Fire Stone early...

I don't want to have a Nidorino and Growlithe in my team when I fight the Elite four. >_> Might just end up trading with Diamond to get a Fire Stone/Moon stone in the game.

User Info: supermario8888

7 years ago#4
Yes I too am interested in this, considering the fact that I want to catch a Growlithe. So can someone answer this question for us.

User Info: AisuKaiko

7 years ago#5
I believe in GSC, if you let your mom save money, she'd occasionally buy a moonstone
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User Info: gg132

7 years ago#6
Which you made 2/3 days ago?

Im sure someone should know where they can be found now.

User Info: NovaManXP

7 years ago#7
If the in-game mom buys a stone, where do I go about getting it?

I tried checking my PC in the game, and all I got was the mailbox. >_> And a photo album.

User Info: TommyKoopa

7 years ago#8
If it's like Crystal then there are trainers who will give you the stones sometimes if you register their phone number, but I don't know if it's like that.
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User Info: supermario8888

7 years ago#9
Maybe the Goldenrod department store sells them, or maybe Bill, or they maybe scattered around. See your inventory. It would be absurd not to have them before the E4.

User Info: BikdipOnABus

7 years ago#10
The 2ch girl had a Ninetales on her team for the Elite 4, so Fire Stones (or at least one) must be available somewhere.
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