How do i get Ho-oh to Appear?

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User Info: UndefinedChase

8 years ago#1
I climbed to the top of Tin Tower, but Ho-Oh isn't there. Do i have to do something special besides just having the Gold Feather?

User Info: CBAriadosFTW

8 years ago#2
beat the kimono girls I heard
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User Info: JacK_1S_BK

8 years ago#3
Learn Japanese.
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User Info: LgNMasTeR_

8 years ago#4
You have to BEEEEELIIEEEVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You need to beat the kimomo girls and the elite 4 for him to appear.
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User Info: JeffreyVazquez

8 years ago#5
you have to fall on a bike like Ash and cry for Pika
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User Info: UndefinedChase

8 years ago#6
Alright, thanks.

User Info: Helpoemer500

8 years ago#7
No, you do not need to beat the elite 4 in order to find ho-oh. In fact, you can't even get to the elite 4 without first battling/catching Ho-oh.
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User Info: flsk

8 years ago#8
if you got hg u just need to beat kimono girls in ecruteak city then they will go to the top of tin tower and make ho-oh appear
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User Info: NobleRoar

8 years ago#9
Get the masterball from elm first.
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User Info: UndefinedChase

8 years ago#10
Ok, well now i have a different problem. I climbed down Tin Tower and the Kimono Girls aren't there. How do you get them to show up in their house?
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