Gyarados nicknames

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User Info: kungfu_blaziken

7 years ago#1
I'm trying to dredge up ideas for a nickname for my Gyarados.

If any of you named your Gyarados, post the names and help me brainstorm.

NOTE: DON'T post if the nickname is specific to the red Gyarados
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User Info: hondini007

7 years ago#2
i think if its a boy brutus
if its a girl brutila
the darkness is with me...

User Info: qwart

7 years ago#3
I like Massacre
Or the name of the Gyarados I use on Shoddy, Chainsaw.
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User Info: Firionel20

7 years ago#4
Denkigaitai (den-kee-guy-tie). Japanese for electricity hurts. >.>
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User Info: Roast_Grief

7 years ago#5
"Can't let you get back to the future, Michael J. Fox!"

User Info: Rubysu

7 years ago#6
Be a hero to the human race. Mutilate a Lickilicky.
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User Info: Nickcool1996

7 years ago#7
Water Dragon.
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User Info: Zigo2

7 years ago#8


User Info: Stevie_Salvador

7 years ago#9

Dos Equis


Vitamin Megadose


Gary Air (kind of like Derriere)
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User Info: therealtoad20

7 years ago#10
I named my Gyarados Bubbles

just cuz
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