How to get ES Dratini from Dragon Den - Step by Step

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The Game Champion 7 years ago#1
I've seen many topics over the past few days on people requesting how to get ES Dratini from the Dragon's Den. I just did it on my own and I might as well explain it since some people might not want to look at the facts, hard to find, etc. In the end, most people will probably see it on the board and/or request for it.

These are based off my answers. It might vary. But my answers gave me ES Dratini.

1. Defeat Clair

2. Go to the Dragon Den. Make sure you have a Pokemon that knows Surf and Whirlpool.

3. Arrive at the House

4. Answer the quiz.

- Q1) Ally
- Q2) Training
- Q3) Anyone
- Q4) Love
- Q5) Both

5. Clair will give you the 8th Badge. Old Man tells you about Lugia.

6. Attempt to Leave the Den

7. Claire will interrupt you and give you the Dragon Pulse TM

8. Leave the Dragon Den and appear in front of the Entrance.

9. Go back into the Den and enter the House where you took the quiz.

10. Old Man will give you ES Dratini.


11. ???



Hope that helps anyone.

User Info: PurimPopoie

7 years ago#2
Step 11 is making sure it's Male, so any Dratini you breed off it have ExtremeSpeed.
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User Info: --ProtoMan--

7 years ago#3
id like to point out that if you accidently escape rope out of the dragons den, you can just go to claire's gym and talk to her for the TM and then proceed to get dratini, because you cant get it until you get the TM.

this is what happened to me and it took me forever before i finally go the dratini.
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User Info: Aeladya

7 years ago#4
Is the ES Dratini always female?
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User Info: Groundrattler

7 years ago#5
It is not actually step by step...
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User Info: mdealassfault

7 years ago#6
Step 8 is useless. You don't need to leave. Just go back after she gives you the TM.
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User Info: MeltyMinion1

7 years ago#7
What if we answered differently? Can we redo the quiz?

User Info: mudballman

7 years ago#8
What the hell did I do wrong. I did all that but Clair didn't give me the tm????
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User Info: Valtero

7 years ago#9
You can't redo the quiz. They'll give you a plain old Dratini and send you on your way.

Oh, and I answered "Strategy" instead of "Training" and still got the ES Dratini. So I'm guessing you just need to have answered a majority of the questions correctly and then have the old man tell you that you passed the test.

User Info: BIGLlittlel

7 years ago#10
Wait, you just have to have passed the test? I passes and escape roped out. I answered friend instead of ally.
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