Nuzlocke run rules

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User Info: Bread_Wood

7 years ago#1
Hey, I'm trying a nuzlocke run because it sounds like a fun challenge for the game. I understand the rules, but just have a few questions on what pokemon exactly are available.

1) Is fishing for pokemon in towns legit?

2) Can you catch the lapras in union cave if you have already encountered a pokemon there?

(a player is allowed to catch stationary pokemon such as legends, etc, and to get given pokemon, such as togepi and eevee, although I was wondering if you thought this to apply here).

If this is not allowed, would the use of repels be allowed to run through the cave, and return later to grab up the lapras? Or would that border too much on being dishonest to the challenge?
GT- Bread Wood
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User Info: Bread_Wood

7 years ago#2
bump, i'm just looking for input, as i figure that this is pretty subjective.
GT- Bread Wood
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User Info: That_kid_person

7 years ago#3
As long as you don't use them in battle, It's fine.
That includes using revives if/When your Nuzlocke faints.
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User Info: Bread_Wood

7 years ago#4
i meant for in battle. you are allowed one pokemon from every area, so i was wondering if that applied to towns (headbutting, fishing, etc).

same for lapras... unless it's considered an accepted stationary event (ie: allowed to catch), then it seemed a little cheap to catch it using repels and whatnot.
GT- Bread Wood
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User Info: Bread_Wood

7 years ago#5
oh, was also wondering about the legitimacy of game corner pokemon. i assume the limit would be one, if it's allowed at all. besides that, i assume that there are no qualms about getting tms from there, right?
GT- Bread Wood
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User Info: DeepsPraw

7 years ago#6
Nuzlocke runs don't have strict rules.

Just make your own rules and do whatever you think is appropriate.
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User Info: Bread_Wood

7 years ago#7
i realize that, but to me, this is kind of gray area. i'll probably fish in towns regardless, but i just want a little input to help shift me towards a decision on other matters.
GT- Bread Wood
Pastafarian for life!

User Info: DragonAura1010

7 years ago#8
I'd say that if you already confronted a wild pokemon in Union Cave, then you wouldn't be able to go back later and catch the Lapras. But if you're lucky and don't find anything, or you use a bunch of repels, it would be fine.

User Info: RPGphreak

7 years ago#9
A couple "sketchy" rules I've come across is the fishing and caves for the "first for an area"

My rules are surfing/fishing/land are three different parts of the equation. And as far as caves go, most of the time I go with one per "level." I.E. the area you walk into is an area, the next one down/up is an area etc, but if I come back down a different ladder and end up on the same floor, it's the same as before.
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User Info: greenandyellow

7 years ago#10
Fishing in towns is fair game for sure.

I would recommend doing so at night, because there is a small chance of finding a Staryu which pretty much wrecks everything ingame.
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