easiest way to get lucky eggs?

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User Info: reignfire85

6 years ago#11
If you change the clock, you have to let it roll over to the next day on its own, but it does change the swarm.
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User Info: bomberar

6 years ago#12
I have a spare if you want it.
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User Info: TornadoShaunUK

6 years ago#13
Are you guys sure you can get lucky eggs from chansey swarms? I only ask because I remember I had a swarm of chanseys on route 15 once in hg/ss and I had a skarmory with thief which I used against them. They all gave me 'Oval Stones' if they had any item at all. The only lucky egg I have is one I got from D/P off a wild chansey just south of the breeding village and they were quite rare on that. 5% chance of finding one. I wandered if they'd changed the item it holds for HG/SS...
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User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
6 years ago#14
You can get Lucky Eggs from a Chansey swarm in HGSS. I myself have gotten a lot of Lucky Eggs that way.
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User Info: chronoxiong

6 years ago#15
I got two Lucky Eggs from the Chansey swarm. I used Stantler with its Frisk ability in the lead and if it tells me that Chansey is holding a Lucky Egg, I capture it. That's pretty much all you have to do.
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User Info: KamikazeCactuar

6 years ago#16
Or better yet a Stantler with Frisk and Thief. I've gotten 25 eggs in 2.5 hours like that.
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User Info: Cloud789

6 years ago#17
If you can get such a set up, I'd recommend a fainted Pokemon with Compoundeyes in first slot then a Banette with Frisk and Thief in second slot. Probably the most efficient way to do things.
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User Info: KamikazeCactuar

6 years ago#18
Ah. I never thought about putting a fainted pokemon with Compoundeyes in the first slot. Good thinking man. :D
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User Info: choatixtherobot

6 years ago#19
Someone mentioned "oval stones". In the instance of Chansey which has two possible hold items one is the Lucky Egg and the other is the Oval Stone which is more often.

And the Oval Stone is FAR TOO ABUNDANT in this game!
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