Scizor Lucario & Metagross shold be uber

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User Info: vklho

7 years ago#1
They were doing pretty good in that tier

User Info: businessman999

7 years ago#2
they are good in ou, but no one will use them in ubers. everyone uses raquaza, ho oh,kyrogre, etc
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User Info: XxAxLxX

7 years ago#3
...There are some may things wrong with this topic's tittle.
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User Info: Mat_Exe

7 years ago#4
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User Info: rabies_neko

7 years ago#5
Two ignorant posts.

How a pokemon does in Ubers has no effect on whether it should be in Ubers. Also Scizor, Metagross and Luke to a lesser extent get use in Ubers since there's no Ubers that resist Dragon.

User Info: ryuksapple

7 years ago#6
Well let me give you the reason as to why they are not, assuming you aren't trolling. Uber isn't really meant to be a balanced tier, it is meant to a ban list for OU. That means that Ubers are pokemon that are either uncounterable or overcentralizing in the OU metagame and thus not allowed there. If you are calling for them to be moved there to get them out of the OU metagame, then your argument is entirely flawed. Because Ubers is not meant to be a balanced tier, how well a pokemon does in ubers is not considered when deciding what tier a pokemon is placed in. That said, yes they do very well in ubers but not because they are too powerful for OU, but because it is a different environment. For example, about half the tier is weak to dark/bug attacks and many pokes are more specially defensive rather than physically. That means a powerful pursuit from scizor is a lot more threatening there than it is in OU.
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User Info: vklho

7 years ago#7
^ I wasnt trolling.

So if that uber then they are okay i guess
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  3. Scizor Lucario & Metagross shold be uber

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