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A Girl and her Eevee--Eevee Solo Run

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User Info: IrisVile

5 years ago#1
Well, I know solo runs are about as new, and exciting as wearing glasses with no prescription--I have still decide to jump on the solo run banwagon!

Okay I'm aware that choosing Eevee is rather easy mode, but I figured why not give it a shot. Because as a whole its movepool isn't the greatest, but it's much easier than say Magikarp without flail, or Caterpie without bug bite.

This was definitely inspired by Flammie Rider's Unown solo run that I fell upon, while looking at the worst pokemon thread on the B/W board, but I wanted a break, and thought about doing a solo run for giggles. If all goes well I plan to do a Zubat run next.

Anyhoo...This is getting rather wordy so on to the rules!

1) I shall only use an Eevee, I plan to obtain it through an AR, as soon as I can capture pokemon. Eevee won't be allowed to evolve because it's about Eevee pride not Eevultion pride.

2) I will only use said Eevee, I will slap on some HM slaves, and catch a low level Eevee for double battles.

3) If Eevee faints then I obviously must forfeit the battle.

4) All trainers will be battled including Red, and the Kanto side. As for the legendarys I really can't be bothered with them, so I plan to murder all of them. :]

5) I don't plan to EV train my Eevee, but I do plan to catch at least an Adamant natured one.

--Time to start!
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User Info: IrisVile

5 years ago#3
ThatTSguy13 posted...
Have you been far as decided to go use even go want to do look more like?


Anyhoo mini update, I forgot how addicting Bayonetta is lol.

Trainer: Magenta
Pokemon: Saddie the Cyndaquil Who just so happens to be Modest, well look at that!

The only real reason for choosing Cyndaquil was because Feraligator is more physical, but because I'm using Eevee the starters really don't matter, too much.

I began my journey with a rental pokemon from Professor Elm, who apparently still has yet to learn where eggs come from. Mean while his family is cold and alone in the upstairs of the lab.

Not to mention he is passive aggressive and far to lazy to travel to Mr. Pokemon's house, so of course I would say yes!

Just as I'm about to leave New Bark town I'm assaulted--I mean talked to by Ethan, who seems to not want me to leave, but before leaving he too seems to hint that I should say goodbye to my dearest mother.

After receiving the pokegear form mother it was time to move onward, though she seemed upset when I told her I knew how to make a phone call...

After arriving in Cherrygrove I'm assaulted once again by a crazed townie. He instead on showing me around the town...After the oh so important tour I'm handed a pair of running shoes hooray! No more stilettos for me! Again another townie is out to get me, this one was in apparently an eye catching house, I fail to see it either way he did give me an apricorn box, which will be useful later.

After a nice chit-chat with Mr. Pokemon and Profesoor Oak I'm ready to return to--HOMG! MAGENTA!!!! Someone broke into the lab and stoled Totodilez! KaBai! And with that abrupt phone call I make a beeline for New Bark town. Just as I'm on my way I'm assulted again! This time by a ginger Hipster. The worst kind of hipster...Hey that Totodile looks familiar. A shame he seemed to have been too strong for Saddie, and she fell to him.

Back at the lab I tell the officer that the devious hipsters name is Indigo, and make my merry way onward to find my Eevee!


After a wee bit of looking I settled with Emma a Impish shiny Eevee, who was at level 2, now 3. For my doubles partner I captured Jean a Mild shiny Eevee at level 3. Now it is time to begin!
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User Info: IrisVile

5 years ago#4
Route 30, appeared to be a joke. Emma plowed through everyone with little difficulty. Perhaps she is in the top percenta of Eevee...

After another easy battle with bug catcher Wade on 31, I made my way to Violet City.

Violet City is rather odd, apparently they all follow the ways of Bellsprout...My deductions seemed accurate after I investigated 'Sprout Tower'. After Emma Tackled all of those silly Monks pokemon to their doom, I was to be tested by the Elder Sage, but first that hipster was back, he felt the need to yell out he was using an escape rope before vanishing. Alas the Elder Sage said my bond with Emma was top notch and he decide to teach me how to Flash things...Thanks.

The silly bird gym wasn't too bad, however Flakner was a tad bit annoying with his bulky Pidgetto. But thanks to some alliterating Tail Whips, and Tackles Emma was able to clip those birdies wings.

Eevee: Emma--Level 13
Badges: Zephr
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.

User Info: slivre

5 years ago#5
Do you have a strategy yet for red?
Walkthroughs, Introductions, Openings:

User Info: _KK

5 years ago#6
I'm tracking.
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User Info: 00mudkip

5 years ago#7
Sounds interesting. *Tracks*
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User Info: IrisVile

5 years ago#8
slivre posted...
Do you have a strategy yet for red?

Revenge with cuteness? Also my goal is not to use X items, because I feel it should balance out Eevee's decentish movepool.


After clipping Falkner's precious bird pokemon's wings, I received the mysterious egg, form one of Elm's aids. So, after a lovely trek back to New Bark town we welcomed Rosalie the Togepi.

Elm was astounded to know that the egg was Togepi, and was certain it was a legendary pokemon, I personally feel he should have his head examined, and spend time with his family, but that's just me. (I actually don't know what to do with my party feeling how useless Saddie is I may just place everyone in the box besides Jean, and Rosalie and never let them battle...-Side not out of spite Rosalie is Modest.)

Now that I'm done with that nonsense and have an Everstone, which Emma will be holding shortly, I made my way to the Ruins of Alpha, and after playing jig-saw puzzle I unlocked the mysterious pokemon known as Unown. I then returned to Route 32 where I battled a Joey wannabe, and the infamous Liz.

Just as I began to slap around the Magikarp man Wade called to tell me he had some berries, hooray(They were Cheri)!

After returning I slapped around Roland, I think he longs for Liz's affections alas. Then I found my favorite family man ever...''I'm happy to have made a younger friend!" I retract my previous statement...

Oh phone calls...-Joey- Ohai! Magenta! So, I saw the most amazing Pidgey, but I failed to catch it, guess I'm not very good at catching pokemon...Bai! They just make my day...

In other news! I found a Great Ball, and TM 09 Bullet Seed, yay! (they are totally not useless)

What a delicious nutritious Slowpoke tail! Only 1,000,000,000 pokedollars, what a steal! But alas fat man refused to give it to me and ate it in my face, Emma was sad.

After I had Zoey smash her skull on a rock, I found a pretty new bell for Emma to wear, it is said to restore vitality over time, happy day!

That badge! You beat Falkner I muse crush you nao! About that...And with Falkner junior gone I head off into the scary Union cave.

Badges: Zephyr
Emma: Level 17
HP: 51
Atk: 28
Def: 26
Sp. Atk: 21
Sp. Def: 29
Spd: 28

HM Slaves:
Zoey the Wooper, which can do all the Water HMs, Rock Smash, and Strength...So everyone else is kind of useless...

-Currently making my way through Union cave.-
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.

User Info: IrisVile

5 years ago#9
Union Cave

Why would they even name a cave that? And why are there Rattats in here? Some things we shall never know.

Hiker Daniel has proven to be a formidable opponent with his level eleven Onix. :/ Stupid defense raising jerk. But by blinding it with Sand, and an on again off again show down of Tail Whip vs. Harden Emma secured a three-KO by Tackle, and grew to level eighteen!

Ringringring! -Wade- (How do I have service in a cave darnit!) Oh hai Magenta! Guess what I found! Is it a berry? HOMG! Are you a Psychic type? Because they so totally are! And you can so totally have some! Yay... KBai. *Le sigh* And backtrack I shall...Oh hooray a Pecha berry!

After a pit stop in the PokeCenter, it was time to return to my cavey adventure! Which was short lived after the Hikers, Emma OHKO'd the Fire Breathers Koffings, and then two-KO'd the Pokemanic's Slowpoke.

Items found in Cave: X Attack, X Defend, X Speed, Potion, Paralyze Heal, an Awakening, and TM 39 Rock Tomb. Hooray.

Route 33

After speaking with a stupid Lass, I collected the Pink and Black Apricorns: then engaged in battle with Hiker Anthony. His Geodude was slightly annoying, with it's resistance and Defense Curling, but Emma's Tackle was too strong for it. I feared Machop, but it wasn't bright, and thought Leer was a better idea to use against Emma, so she managed to score a clean two-KO on it.

Entrance to Azalea Town: Slowpoke's Well

I bore witness to a Team Rocket Member, who apparently wasn't aware they were no longer current. He also seemed to have the ability to yell thud! and move a townie with his mere mind. If only I could do that...Though to be fair, he said the well was dangerous, perhaps they've turn over a new leaf...Nah!

Azalea Town

After resting in the Pokemon Center, I then lay wait to take on the next mystery. The Missing Slowpoke! I wonder who could have taken them...

Badges: Zephyr
Emma Level 19
HP: 56
Atk: 31
Def: 29
Sp. Atk: 23
Sp. Def: 32
Spd: 31
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.

User Info: IrisVile

5 years ago#10
Kurt's House

After Kurt refused to make me balls, he decided to state the obvious about Team Rocket. He apparently knew that they were cutting off the tails of Slowpoke and selling them, but instead of calling the police, he decides to now go after them. Great plan. For an old man he took off quick.


Slowpoke's Well

Perhaps a little too quick, as apparently he scared the guard off, then fell into the well. I'm amazed he didn't break his old man hip. Either way it is now up to myself and Emma and solve this mystery.

The first grunt was a joke, Emma OHKO'd both his level nine Rattata, but he was full of useful information, they are in fact cutting off Slowpoke tails for money! (Where is pokePeta when you need 'em?)

Silly Rocket Grunt Girl, I don't care that you are taking Slowpoke tails, I care that I can't fight Bugsy, so GetOuttaHere with your level nine pokemon!

Just too strong.: Or you know Rocket Grunt three you could have some actually strong pokemon, even an average player's pokemon are at least level sixteen, or seventeen by this point. Just saying~

I then inspected a Slowpoke, since I'm a private detective and what not, and found it had mail attached to it, I then committed mail fruad and read the letter. Be good and look after the house with Grandpa and Slowpoke. Love, Dad Very interesting who could this be...Oh well time to fight the super scary Boss Rocket of Slowpoke Well.

Proton What do we have here? A girl with an Eevee...I am often labeled as the scariest and cruelest guy in Team Rocket... I'm shaking in my boots. I strongly urge you not to interfere with our sirus bizzness!! K....Wait a minute, you are suppose to be scary with a level eight Zubat? Ahahahaha~ Emma use Tackle, awe uDead? Oh no a Koffing...And a Critical Hit off of Tackle takes it down to one HP...The second KO's it, Proton defeated. Gr...For a kid to be this good... I didn't see it coming. Or you know, because you have whimpy pokemon. If I'm suppose to be afraid I'm not yet sir, now good day!

As the Rockets leave Kurt's back miraculously gets better, I feel someone was a lazy old man and didn't want to help, oh well not like the Rockets were difficult. And so we warp magically back to his place and he give me a Fast Ball, hooray! Kurt did tell me a boy named Red disbanned Team Rocket three years ago...I don't know why he has a bad feeling about them being back, not like Emma and I can't stop them.

~Gym Time!~

The fights in the Gym went surprisingly well, besides the poison From Paras' effect spore. :/ But after a Pecha Berry it was time to take on Bugsy.

Bugsy Blah, blah, blah. I like bugs.

U Turn is surprisingly strong on Emma, but she hit the switch to Metapod rather hard, then proceeded to two-KO it. Scyther proved that this wouldn't be easy, as my Tackle barely left a dent. :/ Le Sigh. I decided to fight dirty, against Scyther and use Tail Whip, and Sand Attack. Especially after the Focus Energy, because Crits love me so, so much.

Alas I failed. After a Growl, Tail Whip and two Sand Attacks Sycther murdered Emma with a Crit, you win this round Bugsy, I'm going to class.
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.
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