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Which eeveelution is the best?

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User Info: supergame99

5 years ago#1
Out of Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Leafeon, which eeveelution is simply the best in terms of stats, moves learned (including moves that can be learned by TMs/HMs), and of course appearance (which one looks the best).

User Info: LordChewbacca

5 years ago#2
Depends what you want <.<. Out of those listed the top for actually being useful are Espeon, Jolteon and Vaporeon in no specific order without a team to actually consider the pros and cons.

User Info: TehKrimboElf

5 years ago#3
Probably Vaporeon. If not, then Jolteon or Espeon.
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User Info: PsychoGamer23

5 years ago#4
Jolteon is the fastest and can run a variety of Special Attacking sets w/ the right hidden power.

Vaporeon and to an extent, Umbreon are really good defensive/support pokemon as they can learn moves such as wish, toxic, taunt, protect, and roar. Umbreon can also learn mean look which is cool if thats how you want to battle.

Leafeon is pretty underrated but awesome especially its swords dance set. However, it can also be a great physical wall.
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User Info: Ryan86

5 years ago#5
I grew specially fond of Glaceon. A friend evolved him for me on his Platinum, and Glaceon is what made me survive the E4. I lacked any kind of ice attack, so Lance would be insane without him. u_u"

User Info: nuclearratchet

5 years ago#6
they are all great in their own way

User Info: Fullmetal_77

5 years ago#7
nuclearratchet posted...
they are all great in their own way

Except Flareon
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User Info: MachokeAwoman

5 years ago#8
ESPEON all day
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User Info: dcastro91

5 years ago#9
I made an Umbreon that swept all my friends all by itself. So i have a special place in my heart for that one aha.

and i forgot the last move ftw
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