Did the ice storm make the final battle way too easy? (spoilers)

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  3. Did the ice storm make the final battle way too easy? (spoilers)

User Info: slk_23

3 years ago#1
In the remakes of these games, they made the final battle with Red take place outside on the peak of Mt. Silver while a blizzard is raging for some reason. In the original games, judging by the look of the place in the Game Boy Color games and Pokemon Stadium 2, I had assumed that the final battle was supposed to take place in a dark cave, but I guess on the top of Mount Fuji is more climactic.

Anyway, the originals also didn't have this ice storm whereby all Pokemon involved in the battle are buffeted by the falling ice. That pretty much means you have to win based on your own merits and not rely on the ice to help you win. But I remember how on my first attempt at battling Red, he was very tough and the only way I managed to beat him was through attrition by having the ice storm slowly whittle down his Pokemon's health while I kept healing my own Pokemon.

And thus, I cannot fully take credit for defeating him because the weather also kind of helped me win. If it weren't for the help from Mother Nature, that battle would have been a lot harder for me and I'm not sure I would have won. I know that it's not considered cheating because it's really Red's fault for choosing to stand out there in the cold, but does the presence of this ice condition make the battle too easy? You could easily exploit it and use it to your favor is what I'm saying.
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User Info: 111phantom

3 years ago#2
I just use tyranitar and scizor to replace hail with sandstorm, so his lapras gets hurt and i don't

It wouldn't have mattered if it was hailing or not

User Info: Senran

3 years ago#3
i feel like the snowstorm just gets in the way once you're at or above red's level, honestly

the weather does his blastoise, lapras and snorlax a solid by boosting blizzard's power and accuracy (why does snorlax have ****ing blizzard), but that's negligible on an inept AI

also same <_< red was at the abyss in GSC, but in HGSS he's on the summit
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  3. Did the ice storm make the final battle way too easy? (spoilers)

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