I'm buying a copy of Pokemon HeartGold, will it play on a 3DS?

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  3. I'm buying a copy of Pokemon HeartGold, will it play on a 3DS?

User Info: ukemandwnbu

3 years ago#1
I am buying a new copy of Pokemon HeartGold, but I only have a 3DS and not a regular DS. Is the 3DS backwards compatible and still being able to play HG, or will I have to buy a separate DS?

Does 3DS have any sort of upscaling, and would it be preferred that I bought a regular DS due to poor upscale quality on the 3DS?

Thanks for taking the time to read my message.

User Info: Senran

3 years ago#2
yeah, DS games are playable on 3DS

DS games get upscaled on the regular 3DS, but if you hold start + select after opening a DS game, you can play in its native resolution

User Info: Akira1256

3 years ago#3
Some say it's worse on the 3DS XL, but mainly because the larger screen makes the jaggies more evident. I don't have one to test, myself.

Yeah, for all intents and purposes, when you insert a DS game into a 3DS, the 3DS 'becomes' a DS(i), as far as the games are concerned.

You might eventually want to get a second DS anyway, if mainly to trade/transfer with yourself (assuming you'd want to get other Pokemon DS games).
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User Info: MannyCav

3 years ago#4
I'll see an errant line of pixels at an edge of the screen depending on what room I'm in (it's not very often), but never anywhere that bothers or disrupts my playing the game, and in any case, as NebulaBlue pointed out, you can just tell the 3DS to not stretch.

You say you're buying a new HeartGold, so if anything, I'd be more concerned about getting a possibly bootlegged copy. I would look into the game card, listing, who's selling it, or whatever if I were in your shoes, but in any case, an authentic HG/SS (or DS games in general) will play on the 3DS without trouble, and you can set scaling as you like.

User Info: bandit_wolf

3 years ago#5
Yeah, new is usually pricey.
If it's cheap then it's a bootleg.
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User Info: ukemandwnbu

3 years ago#6

^ The reason I say New is, I was looking through Amazon listings for new and although I realize they are way overpriced, that is where I had considered buying. But I plan on buying Used now due to said overpricing.

User Info: MannyCav

3 years ago#7
Now I kind of wish I had been one of those people that had bought up a bunch of copies instead of the one-of-each-version I did at the time of release.

User Info: scitch1

3 years ago#8
it looks great on my 3DSXL

the larger image is really nice

dont see why people complain

User Info: Cacciaguida

3 years ago#9
this is why you don't buy used games off amazon.
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