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User Info: Lord_Overmetal

3 years ago#1
I've just recently gotten back into playing Pokemon after a recent attack of Gold nostalgia and I want to buy HeartGold, but I can't find it in stock anywhere. Gamestop doesn't have it (not even used), but a local used music and game store has a used copy for $50 or $60. I've checked Amazon, but the game runs for over $100 on there. Has the game become old enough to not be sold in stores anymore? Should I go with the $50-60 copy even though the same place sells a new SoulSilver for $40?
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User Info: kagster123

3 years ago#2
The game isn't produced anymore, so it's rare for a new copy and the prices rise over time. Also the old games get popular again after new generations get released, nostalgia and all. I recently came back to my SS copy, for example.

Some users post that sometimes they'll see them at Walmart for 20$ or so, but that's really rare.

The cheapest place you'll get it is probably used on E-bay, but beware, people are known to sell legit-looking hacked versions of the game. Make sure you read the person's reviews and get in touch with them over the copy.

I'd still say your best and safest bet is picking it up from that local store.

Also just in case you're not aware, Wi-Fi doesn't work with gen IV/V anymore.
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