Think there will be a Crystal Remake?

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User Info: Ziggy_SEES_SeeD

8 years ago#1
I mean Yellow didn't get a remake, so I kinda doubt it.

I'm just asking because I always wait for the third version I waited for Emerald and Platinum, and I always seem more pleased and save myself from buying multiple versions. Then again the whole online trading has defeated the purpose of buying multiple versions. Which is a good thing.

So I'm just curious what you guys think.
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User Info: Hero_of_Time22

8 years ago#2
I said I wouldn't go back on GameFAQS unless a G/S remake was announced. Sooooo welcome back GameFAQS!

User Info: Brooks3000

8 years ago#3
I've questioned that myself. Will yellow, crystal, etc, ever get remade? I'm thinking there's a small chance that they remake these "Perfect Versions" on a console.
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User Info: brandedboy

8 years ago#4
omg.. there are so many of such topic. Why would crystal wants to be remade when the remade of gold/silver would surely include updated version of a crystal.. rather than remaking 'gold/silver' they actually remade the whole 2nd gen. That's why they doesnt need a yellow for remade. And 2 times remakes of the 2nd gen seems pointless to me when guys, look, ITS TIME FOR NEW THINGS.
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User Info: Navex

8 years ago#5
If they sell enough, I can guarantee you there will be a Crystal remake. These games really aren't going by trends anymore, if GS sell well enough I'm sure Nintendo will remake Crystal as well.

Not to sound like a GS fanboy but there is just too much potential with these remakes. Say what you want, but the majority loved this generation the best out of the GB/GBC games and if Nintendo is smart and incorporates most of the features D/P/P have and expand/rework on things that made G/S standout, G/S will kill. With that said, if the sales and acclaim is there (which I believe will be the case) I get they will remake Crystal as well.

The only reason they won't is if they take their time with HG/SS and add everything they would have put on hold for a Crystal remake. Personally, I don't care if Crystal gets remade, as long as its big as Platinum (in terms of stuff to do and areas to explore) that's all that matters to me.
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User Info: Elekible

8 years ago#6
I doubt Crystal will be remade because if it were to be we would have a Yellow remake by now...
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User Info: brandedboy

8 years ago#7
I don't really want to repeat but... the ds card has more memory space and capable of letting the gamefreak pull out their fullest potential making these remakes. By making another 2nd gen remake (crystal) is like telling people that they don't put effort for the gold/silver remake. And then how long it would take crystal to be remake again?
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User Info: capornicus

8 years ago#8
Navex | Posted 5/9/2009 2:55:44 AM | message detail
If they sell enough, I can guarantee you there will be a Crystal remake.

Really? Thanks for your inside information...
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User Info: tscythe

8 years ago#9
I don't think crystal will be remade. from what I can tell the remakes will stay duos where as the new games will be trios.


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User Info: r3zid3ntx

8 years ago#10
No. After all LF and FR didn't get the perfect version remake either. And honestly they could just remake Crystal and drop Gold and Silver for that matter if they would go down that road.
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