Ice/Rock type Pokemon

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User Info: knuxnole

8 years ago#1
I'm surprised a Ice/Rock type hasn't been made yet, considering it could make sense.

And on that note, what other types should they make that make sense?
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User Info: DuckFeathers

8 years ago#2
Dragon/Fire...that should be Charizard...

User Info: Amazincredible

8 years ago#3
The first thing I thought of when I saw Ice/Rock was "If a fighting pokemon even touches that thing it's gone." But I do like the idea of and Ice/Rock type.
Anyway, what do you think of an Electric/Dragon type?

User Info: _BTT_

8 years ago#4
Ice/Rock should be made, and it should be like Lucario in that it's BA and everyone thinks it's legendary for a while because it's so awesome. Also Psychic/Fire would be sweet.
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User Info: Apocalypse9922

8 years ago#5
While it would be cool, I don't see it being successful/usable with all the Scizor's running around in today's metagame.

User Info: AuroraUltima

8 years ago#6
I think an electric/ground type would be cool...
or a normal/ghost... but in all seriousness, I would think they would have made an Ice/Dragon with a unique Ice absorb ability... >_>

But my fave typing would be Psychic/Dark... They have Ghost/Dark...
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User Info: Alphrin

8 years ago#7
An ice rock type would only work if it had an ability that was the inverse of wonderguard (immune to super effective attacks).
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User Info: flying_carnage

8 years ago#8
water/fire.... a huge serpent or something to that effect.....
flying/fighting a fighting chicken or something... what blaziken should've been....
bug/fire fire breathing sycther?
fire/poison seriously why hasn't that been made?
ghost/fire ghosts love will-o-wisp...its only logical....
grass/dragon tropius could evolve into it...that would be awesome

theres alot of type combinations...but we'll probably never see all of them....
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User Info: iron_defense

8 years ago#9
Grass/Dragon=4x weakness to ice

Bug/Fire...yes create more 4x weakness to stealth rock

Rock/ more victims for Heracross to bully
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User Info: Alphrin

8 years ago#10
Bug/Fire...yes create more 4x weakness to stealth rock

Hopefully stealth rock is significantly changed next gen.
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