Mostly complete TM location list.

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User Info: hinode

8 years ago#1
This was compiled mostly from notes I took; for TMs I forgot about I consulted Bulbapedia and the following Japanese website:

TM 01 (Focus Punch) - Cianwood Gym
TM 02 (Dragon Claw) - Route 27 (need Whirlpool)
TM 03 (Water Pulse) - Cerulean Gym
TM 05 (Roar) - Route 32 (need Cut)
TM 07 (Hail) - Mahogany Gym
TM 09 (Bullet Seed) - Route 32
TM 10 (Hidden Power) - Lake of Rage, Celadon Game Corner
TM 11 (Sunny Day) - Radio Tower after beating Team Rocket
TM 12 (Taunt) - Gatehouse between Ilex Forest and Route 34, Celadon Department Store*
TM 13 (Ice Beam) - Seafoam Island, Goldenrod Game Corner
TM 14 (Blizzard) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 15 (Hyper Beam) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 16 (Light Screen) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 17 (Protect) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 18 (Rain Dance) - Slowpoke Well (need Surf/Strength)
TM 19 (Giga Drain) - Celadon Gym
TM 20 (Safeguard) - Celadon Department Store
TM 21 (Frustration) - Goldenrod (show lady a low happiness Pokemon on Sunday), Celadon Department Store
TM 22 (Solar Beam) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 23 (Iron Tail) - Olivine Gym
TM 24 (Thunderbolt) - Cerulean Cave, Goldenrod Game Corner
TM 25 (Thunder) - Goldenrod Game Corner
TM 26 (Earthquake) - Victory Road, Battle Frontier exchange
TM 27 (Return) - Goldenrod (show lady a high happiness Pokemon on Sunday), Celadon Department Store
TM 28 (Dig) - National Park, Celadon Department Store
TM 29 (Psychic) - Saffron City, Celadon Game Corner
TM 30 (Shadow Ball) - Ecruteak Gym, Battle Frontier exchange
TM 32 (Double Team) - Celadon Game Corner
TM 33 (Reflect) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 34 (Shock Wave) - Vermillion Gym
TM 35 (Flamethrower) - Route 28, Goldenrod Game Corner
TM 36 (Sludge Bomb) - Route 43 (must defeat Team Rocket at Mahogany), Battle Frontier exchange
TM 37 (Sandstorm) - Route 27
TM 38 (Fire Blast) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 39 (Rock Tomb) - Union Cave
TM 40 (Aerial Ace) - Mt. Mortar, requires Waterfall, Battle Frontier exchange
TM 41 (Torment) - Celadon Department Store**
TM 43 (Secret Power) - Lake of Rage
TM 44 (Rest) - Route 44 after delivering the NPC's Spearow
TM 45 (Attract) - Goldenrod Gym, Battle Frontier exchange
TM 46 (Thief) - Team Rocket's Mahogany Base
TM 47 (Steel Wing) - Route 28
TM 48 (Skill Swap) - Saffron Gym
TM 49 (Snatch) - Team Rocket's Mahogany Base
TM 50 (Overheat) - Seafoam Gym
TM 51 (Roost) - Violet Gym
TM 52 (Focus Blast) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 54 (False Swipe) - Goldenrod Department Store
TM 55 (Brine) - Route 19/20, Celadon Department Store
TM 56 (Fling) - Pickup 51-70 (presumably) and ???***
TM 57 (Charge Beam) - Power Plant after returning stolen part
TM 58 (Endure) - Celadon Game Corner
TM 59 (Dragon Pulse) - Blackthorn Gym, Battle Frontier exchange
TM 60 (Drain Punch) - Route 39
TM 62 (Silver Wind) - Route 6
TM 63 (Embargo) - Route 34
TM 64 (Explosion) - Buy Ragecandybar at Mahogany, exchange with guy in underground path between Cerulean and Vermillion
TM 65 (Shadow Claw) - Route 42
TM 66 (Payback) - Route 35
TM 68 (Giga Impact) - Celadon Game Corner
TM 69 (Rock Polish) - Route 10
TM 70 (Flash) - Sprout Tower, Goldenrod Game Corner
TM 72 (Avalanche) - Ice Path, Celadon Department Store
TM 74 (Gyro Ball) - Celadon Game Corner
TM 75 (Swords Dance) - Goldenrod Game Corner
TM 76 (Stealth Rock) - Mt. Silver, Celadon Department Store
TM 77 (Psych Up) - ??? (I have one but forget where I got it <_<)
TM 78 (Captivate) - Item in Goldenrod Game Corner (free)
TM 79 (Dark Pulse) - Victory Road, Celadon Department Store

(cont'd in next post)

User Info: hinode

8 years ago#2
TM 80 (Rock Slide) - Pewter Gym
TM 82 (Sleep Talk) - Goldenrod Department Store bottom floor
TM 83 (Natural Gift) - MooMoo Farm after feeding Miltank 7 Oran Berries, Goldenrod Department Store
TM 84 (Poison Jab) - Fuchsia Gym
TM 85 (Dream Eater) - Viridian City
TM 86 (Grass Knot) - Pickup 71-90 (presumably), mystery otherwise
TM 87 (Swagger) - Lighthouse
TM 88 (Pluck) - Route 41
TM 89 (U-turn) - Azalea Gym, Battle Frontier exchange
TM 90 (Substitute) - Goldenrod Game Corner
TM 91 (Flash Cannon) - Route 9/10
TM 92 (Trick Room) - Viridian Gym

HM 01 (Cut) - Ilex Forest, after returning the Farfetch'd
HM 02 (Fly) - Talk to Chuck's wife at Cianwood
HM 03 (Surf) - Beat Team Rocket grunt at Kimono Girls' building
HM 04 (Strength) - Route 42
HM 05 (Whirlpool) - Given by Lance at Team Rocket's Mahogany Base
HM 06 (Rock Smash) - Route 36
HM 07 (Waterfall) - Item ball in Ice Path
HM 08 (Rock Climb) - Talk to Prof. Oak after getting 16 badges

*I'm pretty sure there's a second Taunt on the ground somewhere, but forgot to write it down and neither website mentions it.
**I'm also sure that there's a Torment on the ground somewhere, but again forgot to write it down.
***I'm... well, see the above two notes <_<

Pickup was tested with Level 52 and 71 Linoones thus far; I assume the ranges are TM availability are the same as in Emerald and DPP, but that can't be assumed for sure without checking the code.

The following TMs are available at Battle Frontier for BP but not confirmed anywhere else yet:

TM 04 (Calm Mind)
TM 06 (Toxic)
TM 08 (Bulk Up)
TM 31 (Brick Break)
TM 53 (Energy Ball)
TM 61 (Will o wisp)
TM 71 (Stone Edge)
TM 73 (Thunderwave)
TM 81 (X-Scissor)

The following TMs I have not found at all.

TM 42 (Facade)
TM 67 (Recycle)

The important missing gaps right now are the locations of Facade and Recycle and non-Pickup location of Grass Knot; I'd be really thankful towards anyone who could provide those. Getting confirmed locales for any of the BF-only TMs would be really nice as well, but they might not actually exist. I don't think anyone honestly cares about where Fling is normally.

User Info: veale728

8 years ago#3
Submit an FAQ? This is kickass
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User Info: GamerPatrick

8 years ago#4
Buyable Stealth Rock and Dark Pulse? At the dept store? Just wow

I think you may have some of your department stores and game corners a little mixed up though, I thought Safeguard was in Goldenrod not Celadon, and a few of those quite frankly seem very unlikely to be mere department store items like the ones mentioned above.

Marriland's walkthrough has the location of Facade, forget where it is though.

Are you sure about the Battle Frontier ones? Because if so, this is the first time we are able to get a gymleader TM elsewhere in the same game.

User Info: hinode

8 years ago#5
I am pretty confident on the department stores. This topic lists all the TMs sold at Celadon, and in fact is what tipped me off to Stealth Rock/Dark Pulse being there, so you can doublecheck yourself:

Also, I just doublechecked and Safeguard is definately sold at Celadon but not Goldenrod.

I doublechecked all the frontier stuff while making the list. It's weird that they even went and added U-turn to the list when it wasn't there in DPP, but so it goes.

I'm checking Marriland's walkthrough right now for info, but it's quite lengthy so it'll take a while.

User Info: GamerPatrick

8 years ago#6
Ah. My apologies for the doubt then. In that case, very cool stuff. Between D/P/P and this game there'll be few TMs you can't get multiples of.

User Info: hinode

8 years ago#7
Ah, so Facade is a prize in the Goldenrod store raffle. I had no idea what was going on there so I didn't really bother. <_<

Also, I see that the second Taunt TM is in Burnt Tower.

As far as faqs go, I'm rather lazy about writing/submitting them. Anyone else is free to put it in their own faq though or submit one if they want.

User Info: hinode

8 years ago#8
Also, Swagger and Captivate are sold at Celadon as well. I care so little about them that I forgot about this until doublechecking just now.

User Info: hinode

8 years ago#9
Bump for further comments, corrections, and/or additions.

User Info: laywastethesky

8 years ago#10
You are a god among men hinode.
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