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User Info: tvfreak3332

7 years ago#1
im trying to find a shelgon for my team in heartgold and serebii said i can find a shelgon in the wetland with 21 blocks after 70 days. What does that mean?
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User Info: TornadoQuake

7 years ago#2
I need to know this, too.


User Info: TornadoQuake

7 years ago#3

User Info: GameSnoop3

7 years ago#4
...and the Lord said, "Chaos Control!"...
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User Info: Falchion_36

7 years ago#5
Blocks are various objects you can add to the various spots around an area in the Safari Zone after you complete Baoba's first two tests (and wait a few hours). varying objects include Trees, stumps, flowers, rocks, the list goes on.

the idea is that adding particular objects will bring out new unique pokemon. however... to REALLY get the good ones, you're gonna really need to devote.

when you first get access to this Blocks system every piece of object you litter the area with counts as 1 block pt. and with a maximum of 30 objects it's currently impossible for you to get that Shelgon anytime soon.

but that's where that count of "70 Days" come in. if you leave an area out for a total of 10 days that area will receive a bonus to where objects count for go up by 1. the longer you leave the area out the more object types it will improve upon. it goes in a Pattern: Grasslands are the first to be upgraded, then Forest, then Rocky, then Waterside objects.

example: You have your Desert area out for 30 Days straight. that means Grassland, Forest and Rocky objects will be upgraded; they will count for 2 pieces for every 1 you throw down.

let's use your hunt for Shelgon to clarify this if this STILL doesn't make sense.

you find your Shelgon in the Wetlands Area. when you first get the Blocks upgrade you can only throw down 30 pieces of Rocky Objects (Mossy Rocks, Tiny Rock), which means you're nowhere near getting a Shelgon to come out. You need a total of 63 Rocky Objects in the Area to call out a Shelgon.
if you leave that Area out in the Safari zone for 30 days, Rocky Objects receive that upgrade, and every 1 piece will now count for 2. So those 30 Rocky Objects will now count for 60... which is still not enough. You're gonna need to wait another 40 days to receive that second Upgrade... which every 1 rocky object will count for 3.
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