Where can I find a water stone?

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User Info: 123-45

7 years ago#1
where can I find a water stone?

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User Info: poikes

7 years ago#2
Win the bug catching contest and you MIGHT get one.
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User Info: Hirokey123

7 years ago#3
It also appears as a pokeathelon prize for 2500 points on certain days.
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User Info: Makeveli_lives

7 years ago#4
Fisherman to the left of Mohagany town. Get his number, when he calls and says he has something he'll give you a stone for free.
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User Info: Rezzman

7 years ago#5
If you catch a Staryu on the Pokewalker course "Beyond the Sea," it will always hold a Water Stone.
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  3. Where can I find a water stone?

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