How do I get the last 2 kanto badges?

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User Info: MBBDarigon

7 years ago#1
I'm missing the last 2 ones (2 bottom right ones)

User Info: mootoast

7 years ago#2
Beat Blaine and Blue.

User Info: grimakis

7 years ago#3
Since Cinnabar Gym was destroyed, you have to challenge Blaine the makeshift Gym he created at the Seafoam Islands. After that, you can speak to Blue on Cinnabar, after which he will return to the Viridian Gym so that you can challenge him.
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User Info: Alpha218

7 years ago#4
Blaine isn't on Cinnebar Island like he was in Red/Blue/Yellow/FireRed/LeafGreen. He's in the Seafoam Island (Fuchsia side).
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User Info: josh7700

7 years ago#5
get to pallet town, then go in the water by prof. oaks and surf all the way down the ocean until you reach a giant rock thing that looks like you could go on. there should be poke center. heal pokemon. then surf all the way to the the first island that's on your right. go into to the island and go up the stairs. defeat blaine and then go back to the cinnebar island where to pokemon center was. talk to blue. he above the poke center. then go to viridian and get to the gym. good luck beating blue!!
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  3. How do I get the last 2 kanto badges?

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