Best or most efficient way to train Pokemon? *spoilers*

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User Info: djvault

7 years ago#1
I want to beat Red, and the only Pokemon I have of any significane is Typhlosion...So I'm trying to get a Primeape to go against Snorlax, a Pikachu to go against Lapras and Blastoise, and Dugtrio to go against Pikachu and Charizard. I caught Primeape and he's level 38, I want to get him to level 70...Same with pikachu and Dugtrio. All level 70, how long do you think this would take, and do you have any tips of where I should train, or anything like that?

User Info: 13121987

7 years ago#2
Take approximately 1 month to breed each Pokemon to perfection. Then EV train all of them.


User Info: adamolden

7 years ago#3
Well you can grind thousands of battles against pokemon in the wild, leave them at the daycare and ride ur bike for hours and hours to level it...or you can get a cheating device and level them all in a few minutes with an exp code...frankly the amount of time it takes to level pokemon is absurd late game because you cant really rebatlle any worthwhile trainers or wild pokemon for decent experience...u cant even reface the elite four until you beat Red...

User Info: dragonuser12

7 years ago#4
check a faq on here about how to get the gym leaders numbers then call and train against them.
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User Info: Hateshi44

7 years ago#5
Don't forget Lucky Egg!

I traded one in from my Platinum Game, takes a lot of the tedium right out.
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User Info: Phantismking

7 years ago#6 only need the Kanto badges to rematch E4
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User Info: djvault

7 years ago#7
How about I just teach my Typhlosion a rock move like Earthquake to beat Charizard, a ground TM to beat Pikachu and a fighting TM to beat Snorlax. There, that makes it kind of easier...Already that's Venazaur, Snorlax, Pikachu and Charizard taken care of...Now all I worry about is Lapras and Blastoise....Actually for Lapras, ground/fire attacks are strong against Ice types, right? Or does it cancel out becaue it's also part water?

User Info: MissCarriage

7 years ago#8
It cancels out. EQ is a Ground move.
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User Info: CriticalMiss

7 years ago#9
the elite four gives about 75,000 exp each go. that's 37,500 to a pokemon with an exp. share. you can get one to level 70 in ~8 run throughs and that's if they don't battle at all.

User Info: Fallacia

7 years ago#10
With TMs and move tutors/re-learner, you don't really need anything of significance to take out Red's team. To be honest, it's a bit overkill to prepare a team for him specifically. Just the team you use to take down the Elite four with possibly one or two exceptions for STAB elemental advantage is more than enough. Unless you're completely unhappy unless you can take out all of his Pokemon in one or two super-effective attacks, it will probably already be easy enough that you could use your regular team.

Then if all else fails, there's also the GTS or trades with GameFAQs users if you can go wireless. 20 minutes of chain-trading on the GTS is usually enough time to get a level 80-100 Pokemon just from comparing what people want to what you have. It just isn't likely to come to that since you can almost always find someone on the trading board that is more than willing to trade high level Pokemon for *something* that you probably have in your inventory and will usually be faster than a long chain-trade in the GTS. The chain might be something frustratingly long like trading your caught Growlithe for a Vulpix that someone else wants, trade that Vulpix for the female Totodile that another person wants, the female Totodile for an Ampharos that someone else wants, the Ampharos for a Machoke that will evolve into a Machamp that someone else wants, the Machamp for a Haunter/Gengar that someone else wants, and then the Gengar for a level 80+ Dragonite that you could teach whatever moves you need. Even if the chain-trading is longer than that, it's almost guaranteed to be faster than training up a few extra Pokemon.
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