Question about breeding with Power items

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User Info: LamdaMax

7 years ago#1
Okay, so I was breeding chimchars for attack, special attack, and speed, and got two parents with perfect special attack and speed and gave one a power lens and the other a power anklet (special attack and speed respectively). After many hours of breeding, I got one with the right nature and perfect attack (and speed), but its special attack IV was only around a 10.

My understanding was that the power items should always transfer down their respective IVs, with occasional exceptions when the normal IV transfer mechanism interferes with it. However, both of the parents here had perfect special attack IVs, so I don't see how this could be the case either. This is a bit frustrating; does anyone have any insight on why this happens?

User Info: HomeRowed

7 years ago#2
Supposedly, the Power items can only pass down 1 IV, even if both parents have a Power item, and the father's Power item/IV would be the one to be passed down if both the father and mother had a Power item.

User Info: the_blood_wolf

7 years ago#3
I'm a breeder.

Basically the power items are meant for the father since they can only pass moves and now, IVs down.

The mother you should give an Everstone (for nature) and have her with good IVs.

If you do both parents with power items you'll just get random picked between them.

Basically it helps making fathers and mothers for breeding easier. Like right now I'm breeding a Sneasel (jolly nature) for Battle Tower. So what I'm doing is having her hold everstone (to keep nature) and breed it with a Father that has a 31 IV in Atk or Speed.

Once I get a Female Sneasel with the Jolly nature and 31 IV in Atk/Speed I replace her and then have her mate with a new father. One that has the other IV Speed/Atk.

You would keep doing this till you get a father or female with at least 2 to 3 31 IVs to make a better chance of a baby.
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User Info: LamdaMax

7 years ago#4
Really? The sticky topic makes it sound differently, as would my own experience so far (every other chimchar offspring I've checked so far has had perfect IVs in both special attack and speed), but I guess I don't have any better explanation for why this last one doesn't...

User Info: 0_PoKeRuS_0

7 years ago#5

From: Aeres116699 | Posted: 3/19/2010 8:35:17 PM | #007
Note, however, that if you equip both of your parents with Power Items, the IV inheritance system may still overlap the inherited IV for that stat, negating the Power Item's effect. This is purely random, so if it happens, just keep hatching.

Taken from the sticky. In other words, the third IV taken from the Parents was the Sp. Att. from the one holding the Power Anklet which got rid of the perfect Sp. Att. from the one holding the Power lens. So, it only got 2 IVs passed down to it from the one holding the Power Anklet.

User Info: LamdaMax

7 years ago#6
Right, that would make sense from my understanding of how the system works, except that the parent with the Power Anklet had a perfect Sp. Att. stat as well (both parents had perfect Sp. Att. AND Speed), which is why the result baffles me.

User Info: 0_PoKeRuS_0

7 years ago#7
I know it can be edited by anyone, but I just found this on bulbapedia:

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver onward, if they are held by either parent in the Pokémon Day-Care, that parent has a 50% likelihood of passing down its IV in that respective stat; HP for Power Weight, Attack for Power Bracer, and so on.

User Info: LamdaMax

7 years ago#8
seems to conflict, but I suppose I don't really see what other reason there could be, though that being true would mean that I've been pretty insanely lucky so far.

User Info: 0_PoKeRuS_0

7 years ago#9
I just tested it with Pokemon that had 31 in every stat (yes they were hacked but that shouldn't effect anything as all I did was catch them and then change all the IVs to 31 in Pokesav) and for simplicity just used the same Power Items as you, I also didn't use any cheat codes.

I got 5 eggs, and here are the results (in this format, HP/Attack/Defense/Special Attack/Special Defense/Speed):

Egg1: 20 / 13 / 6 / 31 / 31 / 31
Egg2: 31 / 01 / 12 / 31 / 8 / 31
Egg3: 31 / 17 / 4 / 31 / 31 / 26 (Didn't get the 31 Speed)
Egg4: 26 / 31/ 20 / 31 / 23/ 31
Egg5: 00 / 31 / 31 / 15 / 3 / 31 (Didn't get the 31 SpAtt)

So clearly, it's not 100% as 2 of mine didn't get the stat passed down even though they had the item equipped. Although, it could be 100% for the first one and then only 50% for the second, but then I guess it would be down to which one got chosen first. Of course I only got 5 Eggs, I'd have to breed a lot more to know for sure whether or not it's 1=100% and 1-50% or both=50% (or whatever percentage).
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