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User Info: MogKnightAzure

7 years ago#1
Or vote for sticky, if you prefer. There's been a lot of confusion surrounding this exploit and everyone is wondering how/why/whats going on and I hope to remedy that with a quick (TL;DR warning) write up explaining everything in greater detail. This will be a rather popular method of distributing pokemon, I'm betting... especially with the Celebi/Legendary Beasts being released in the near future. You must have a wireless connection to perform this trick, it cannot be done with the USB adapter.

What is the GTS Exploit?
The GTS Exploit is quite simply, a method of someone distributing a pokemon to everyone en masse through the GTS. The distributor uses a program written in Python to setup a fake GTS server which he then applies a pokemon to and just leaves it running. Recievers set their DS's connection settings to find this persons IP, then they connect to the GTS and the magic happens! The fake GTS server tricks your game into thinking it's recieved a pokemon, whether you had one in there going for a trade or not. Ultimately, this makes for an extremely effective method of delivering event pokemon (at least, clones of those pokemon) to the general community, but it doesn't have to be event pokemon at all, it can be ANY pokemon, legit or not (as long as the game doesn't detect anything wrong with it).

When are these pokemon distributed/What pokemon are being distributed?
Well see this isn't nintendo. This is 'from the people, to the people'. Just pay attention to topics posted during the day to see if anyone starts up their own server for distribution. As for what pokemon it will be, well... it can be ANY pokemon, so it's all up to the person running the server.

Is this completely safe?
We have been met with nothing but praise or simple connection issues. As far as I know, at the time of this writing there have been no reports of corrupted games. In all honesty I don't think it would be possible to do something like that, as the game checks for validity before allowing you to get the pokemon still. At the absolute worst you just get a connection error.

How do I do this?

1. Start up your copy of Pokemon on your Nintendo DS. You can use any version of Generation IV Pokemon: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver.
2. Go to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings.
3. Edit the settings for your connection.
4. Set "Auto-obtain DNS" to NO.
5. Set the "Primary DNS" to [Insert distributors IP here].
6. Save settings and return to your game.
7. Go to the GTS in-game. If you get a connection error, it probably means the server is busy and you should try again in a minute or two.
8. When you connect to the GTS, you should receive the POKEMON automatically, with no input required from you.
9. After receiving it, if you're running HeartGold or SoulSilver, you'll be disconnected from the GTS with an error. Check your box to make sure you got the Pokemon. If you're running Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, you'll have to disconnect manually. If you attempt to deposit or search for a Pokemon, you'll be disconnected with an error.

You may also want to check here: for further info and the files you need to try this yourself locally.


User Info: MogKnightAzure

7 years ago#2
What if I want to be a distributor?
Then get the files here:

Open the folder 'DNS Server' and run the exe you see there. It will ask you for the address for your server. Go to and input the address you see there. Leave this window running and open the 'SendPKM' folder. Simply drag a .pkm file over the SendPKM program and that should be that, test it yourself to make sure it works and then come on down here to post about it!

I'm afraid I don't have much more info myself between what I have here and the livejournal link up above. If you have any problems with getting this to work or if you figure out how to fix any problems you've encountered, post it here.

What's a .pkm file?
A .pkm file is essentially all the data that makes up an individual pokemon, stored on your computer. Pokesav can individually save your pokemon as .pkm files. More on Pokesav here:

So how do event pokemon become .pkm files?
Basically, someone recieves the event legitimately. Then, they load their save file (using action replay or a flashkit) with Pokesav, and they save the event pokemon as a .pkm file. This file can then be uploaded to a fake GTS server for distribution.

Will I be able to reset until I get the IV spread/Nature I want?
No. First of all, you can get AS MANY AS YOU WANT. Simply connect multiple times and you'll get multiples of the pokemon being distributed (pointless though it may be). Second, a pokemon being saved as a .pkm file means it was already recieved in someones game at some point in time, meaning it's IVs and Nature are already determined. Basically, another way of looking at this exploit is: MASS CLONING. Everyone will be getting the exact same pokemon.

Will these event pokemon trigger their respective in-game events? Are these pokemon legit?
Essentially, for a pokemon to be sent through the GTS, exploit or not, it needs to be validated through it's ID, which the game WILL check and WILL prevent from being sent if it doesn't meet this check. Therefore, any pokemon sent through this way will be 'legit' as far as the game is concerned. Whether or not you believe they are not legit due to being clones or whatever other convoluted reason you have is entirely moot as far as the game is concerned. Pokemon that trigger special events will trigger those events as long as they meet specific checks by the game. For example, a 'legit' shiny pichu wont trigger the Ilex forest event... but a 'legit' shiny pichu with the OT as gamestop will trigger it. TRU Arceus and any Halls of Origin Arceus will each trigger the ruins of alph event individually (you can do it twice, reportedly). Odds are good that if someone is claiming to be distributing an event pokemon that will trigger an in-game event, they really are. I am 95% certain pokemon recieved through the GTS will not botch up a validity check for further online use later on in the game. They must be valid to be sent at all.

Will we only get event pokemon through this exploit?
Not at all! Though custom-made pokemon are generally made for one person only, you can upload ANY .pkm file into the fake server and distribute it through this exploit. Does the board REALLY like Mudkips? Upload one into your server and distribute it to share the Mudkip love!

I'm having connection issues!
Well, unfortunately, I'm not sure where to begin answering these questions, they seem to vary and they might even have something to do with one's own router/net connection. I hope that the rest of this topic leads into constructive discussion/troubleshooting any problems encountered in pursuing this marvelous exploit. If you run into a problem of your own, and solve it yourself, PLEASE post about it here in case someone runs into the same issues!

User Info: ATroolNamedMuc

7 years ago#3
i smell what ziploc is cooking, do you?
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User Info: Bulbopwn

7 years ago#4
No. I don't.

User Info: Dartkun

7 years ago#5
Very informative, Ty
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User Info: MogKnightAzure

7 years ago#6
oh shoot! one last one!

What about the pokemon I currently have in the GTS?
You aren't connecting to nintendo's server, which is where your pokemon are, thus, they are still there, completely safe.
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User Info: Kromlech06

7 years ago#7

I wonder if nintendo will take down the entire GTS eventually

I also wonder if that'll even stop us. lol.

User Info: Mufufu_Master

7 years ago#8
vote for sticky.

*kicks usb connector*
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User Info: Portick

7 years ago#9
Thanks for clearing this up! Too bad I can't actually use it, because my router is WPA2, not WEP. I might change it, but I'm not sure if it's worth it just for this.
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User Info: BikdipOnABus

7 years ago#10
Whether or not you believe they are not legit due to being clones or whatever other convoluted reason

Stop right there. The fact that cloning Pokemon is a form of cheating is not convoluted in the slightest. If you're fine with accepting clones, then go for it. But don't act like this is perfectly fine just because they're not hacked.
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