What other moves are like Mean Look?

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User Info: yonkomother

7 years ago#1
The only other ones I can think of are Spider Web, and Block. Are there any more?
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User Info: Blaze Inferno

Blaze Inferno
7 years ago#2
I don't think so. Just those three.
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User Info: pokedude900

7 years ago#3
That's it as far as moves go. Abilities include Shadow Tag, Arena Trap (not for flying/levitate), and Magnet Pull (Steel only).
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User Info: Windwolf777

7 years ago#4
Wrap sorta
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User Info: Satarack

7 years ago#5
Wrap, Fire Spin, Whirlpool, and Sand Tomb all lock a pokemon in battle for the duration of their effect. This doesn't prevent Roar or Whirlwind from ending a wild pokemon battle, or from switching one of your pokemon in a Trainer battle.
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  3. What other moves are like Mean Look?

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