The Weirdest/Stupidest/Most Disturbing Pokedex entries.

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User Info: Nintyz

7 years ago#1
Post the Weirdest/Stupidest/Most Disturbing and Downright Insane Pokedex entries here!

Heres some to start:

It happened one morning - a boy with extrasensory powers awoke in bed transformed into Kadabra.

It carries a pendulum-like device. There once was an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized.

With sharp claws, this ferocious, ancient Pokémon rips apart prey and sucks their body fluids.

If it succeeds in catching even a faint breeze properly, it can circle the globe without flapping once

THE Chuck Norris of Pokemon Ladies and Gentlemen!

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User Info: RayKnight

7 years ago#2
Are we supposed to come up with them on our own?
RayKnight, Mute Edge,
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User Info: Solar_Crimson

7 years ago#3
Haunter's are pretty creepy.

Yellow: By licking, it saps the victim's life. It causes shaking that won't stop until the victim's demise.

Gold/HG: In total darkness, where nothing is visible, Haunter lurks, silently stalking its next victim.

Silver/SS: Its tongue is made of gas. If licked, its victim starts shaking constantly until death eventually comes.

Crystal: It hides in the dark, planning to take the life of the next living thing that wanders close by.

RuSa: Haunter is a dangerous Pokémon. If one beckons you while floating in darkness, you must never approach it. This Pokémon will try to lick you with its tongue and steal your life away.

Fire Red: If you get the feeling of being watched in darkness when nobody is around, Haunter is there.

Pearl: It licks with its gaseous tongue to steal the victim's life force. It lurks in darkness for prey.

Platinum: It likes to lurk in the dark and tap shoulders with a gaseous hand. Its touch causes endless shuddering.

User Info: CrazyEyes31

7 years ago#4
Love Haunters dex entries.

User Info: sampipe

7 years ago#5
Banette? Im sure i heard something about being a doll that haunts chirldren. I really can't remember

User Info: Blue_0rb

7 years ago#6
Metagross in Sapphire: METAGROSS is the result of two METANG achieving fusion. When hunting, this POKéMON pins the prey to the ground under its massive body. It then eats the helpless victim using the large mouth on its stomach.

Glalie in Sapphire: GLALIE has the ability to freely control ice. For example, it can instantly freeze its foe solid. After immobilizing its foe in ice, this POKéMON enjoys eating it in leisurely fashion.
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User Info: RayKnight

7 years ago#7
Pokemon should be rated M...
RayKnight, Mute Edge,
"That will be the last time your lips kisses my blade..."

User Info: Nelson340

7 years ago#8
The Pokedex entry writers are obviously obsessed with creatures violently eating one another.

User Info: nessonett106

7 years ago#9
"obsessed with Pokemon violently eating each other"

As opposed to them being originally based around actual animals (somewhat)?

I clearly remember stuff about bird pokemon eating caterpies etc
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User Info: Nelson340

7 years ago#10
I meant creatures in general. Sometimes they just mention prey, with no indication of actual animals or Pokemon.
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