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User Info: authorfly

7 years ago#1

Okay, is it just me or are pure flying types the only ones in this game game that can learn the HM Fly?

So I raise a Yanma into Yanmega Flying/Bug type and when I got the fly HM I was hoping he could use it. However Yanmega is not compatible with the HM Fly, even though his pokedex description in Heart Gold says " Yanmega can easily fly an adult human on its back " pretty much verbatim. I was highly disappointed, but I tried teaching other pokemon with shared traits Fly but none of them were compatible with it either. I never really cared for Bird pokemon and in the past only kept them because they could use Fly. Not even Natu is compatible with Fly and he looks pretty bird like to me.

This kind of makes me feel like they are making me use bird type pokemon in my party for the convenience of Fly. It beats heading to the pokemon center every time I need to fly to with drawl my bird pokemon though.

When I had the game in the past it seemed more lenient as to whom could fly, at some point I recall having a flying Gyrarados. So anyone have suggestions on a good flying pokemon in Heart Gold? Maybe one thats not a Bird.

User Info: Psycho K

Psycho K
7 years ago#2
Zubat are available very early in the game and are good once they are Crobat. Teaching Fly to that wouldn't be horrible, whereas teaching it to Togetic would be.
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User Info: Tails288

7 years ago#3
there ARE NO pure flying type pokemon.
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User Info: Nonoru

7 years ago#4
Charizard,Salamence,Dragonite,Aerodactyl etc... can learn it.

And there is no pure flying type.The nearer would be Flying/normal type.

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User Info: Chaos Genesis

Chaos Genesis
7 years ago#5
Your options are rather limited if you don't want something that looks like a bird:


I think the Zubat family is the only thing that fits that description (unless you're past the E4).
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User Info: DraconianKing

7 years ago#6
..Tails...I don't think that was ever asked or stated....

But actually there is. Areceus with the flying plate.
So there.

User Info: authorfly

7 years ago#7

When I had the game originally I had a shiny Crobat he was pretty useful.

User Info: DraconianKing

7 years ago#8
*rereads the first post*
Well, I'm an ass.
Regardless, Flying/Normal = Flying.

User Info: authorfly

7 years ago#9

Later generation pokemon seemed to have so many more options for your flying type pokemon from Ruby onwards. Can't they be a little nicer to me?

Does anyone know if Murkrow can become Honchkrow in this game? ( I don't think thats spelled right )

User Info: Bread_Wood

7 years ago#10
use pikachu!
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