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?????? Nuzlocke ( Gift ) Pokemon Challenge.

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User Info: 2Love4Life

6 years ago#1
Inspired by the 10 or so Nuzlockes on this board, I've Decided to do my own, With a few modifications.

*** ONLY GIFT POKEMON CAN BE USED! I Have Compiled A list of what ones are Available. ***

1. No Catching Wild Pokemon.

2. Nickname All PKMN where possible.

3. You PKMN can't faint ( If they do something happens to them… ' You'll find this out Later….. ' )

4. If All pokemon Faint, I lose =(


* Shiny Pokemon can be caught, For Display use only Must be put in a box marked Free Roaming

** Can Catch a pokemon for the Pupose of Trading ( Although I won't be doing this ).

First Update will be posted Immediately.
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User Info: 2Love4Life

6 years ago#2
Sitting under a huge oak Tree, with a cool breeze in my hair, I'd done it. I'd Beaten the Pokemon Master, as I lay there, I pondered. Where Next? I awoke in a Daze, I was In my room.

" Bugger " I grumbled. It was such a nice dream too.

I suddenly remembered, today was the day I was able to get my first pokemon ! as I jump out of bed n excitement I realise I'd let the TV on, when a news Flash popped up.

"In A Landslide Victory P4FTP, have now got catching wild pokemon banned " The Reported said
" P4FTP Spokesperson Fred Fairman, Has Issued the Following Statement: "

"People 4 The Fair Treatment Of Pokemon Has had a victory today! No Longer Will pokemon be forced to sit in those cramped pokeballs all day or waste away in ' Storage' and be used as tools to make our life easier., our next goal is to stop the unfair battling of wild pokemon. FREE THE POKEMON! "

" Although Wild Pokemon can no longer be caught you can still get them from licenced breeders, and Any new pokemon Obtained Must now be registered, on the National Pokemon Owner Database. And in other news…." I stood there, jaw dropped and stunned, as the Reporter finished their sentence.

I wasn't able to build my dream team, disappointed. I continued on down the stairs sadly… As I reached the bottom of the stairs my Mom threw a Bag at me, I caught it at the last second.

" Here Is your Bag It should Have Everything you need. It even has your Trainer card Attached. " She said.

"Thanks Mom." I replied
" Hurry Up its rude to keep people waiting."
"See Ya" I yelled as I ran out the door.

I stepped out into the sun, and was it with a water gun.

"MARIL!!" I screamed Angrily, and lunged for it.

It was too quick for me and hid Behind Lyra, who Giggled and Said

" I think she Likes you" and walked off.

Stumbling into the Lab, I finally see Professor Elm. He was old and bald, When Suddenly he dashed to the phone and begun to speak excitedly.

" Right, Newbie " He Said.

"I have a name " I replied angrily scowling.

" Anyway, I think Mr. Pokemon has discovered the Secret to breeding. So we can repopulate the pokemon world! You are going to get an " Egg " from him, and Bring it back here for me. In return I'll Give you the choice of 3 Pokemon over there in that Machine. "

Carefully looking over I see 3 pokeballs. Carefully studying the 3 pokemon, A Fire Type, Which looked like a Mole with Fire on its back, a Blue Crocodile Or a thing with a leaf growing out of its head. Well, I guess I'll Have That one.

Welcome To the team!!! Spinach!!

Met At: New Bark Town.
OT: ?????? [ This Will remain a secret Till I lose or Win ]
ID: 35747
Nature: Hardy.
Characteristic: Strong WIlled

As I leave the Professors assistant shoves some potions in my hand, throwing them in my backpack, leaving behind New Bark Town, En route to CherryGrove City
SS FC: 3696-2755-1055 Trainer Name: Wings

User Info: Another_Kefka

6 years ago#3
Do you know about the Primo eggs? Those may help you out quite a bit...
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User Info: 2Love4Life

6 years ago#4
Yea the Bloke In Violet City, Marrep, Wooper, Slugma. I don't think I'd would be possible without them... although With Togepi/kiss Eevee and Starter you could spread the HMs over the 3.
SS FC: 3696-2755-1055 Trainer Name: Wings

User Info: Another_Kefka

6 years ago#5
Yeah, that's a good point. Without Totodile/Vaporeon, it'll be impossible to progress without the eggs. Good luck on the rest of the run.
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Care to help me out a bit?

User Info: 2Love4Life

6 years ago#6
Cheers, Post up a link of yours when your're done.
SS Nuzlocke:
Treat Everyday as your last because tomorrow may never come.

User Info: 2Love4Life

6 years ago#7
Chapter 2: New Beginnings! New Rival!

Before I leave I go home to show Mom my new Pokemon, and to get my Pokegear! After a quick trip to the bathroom, waving goodbye to Mom I head out onto Rt. 29. Approaching long grass I cautiously move through it, when Suddenly a Sentret comes charging out of no where and being to Attack Spinach.

** Battle Engaged**

Sentret Comes Charging out and knocks Spinach over! rolling with the attack Spinach Jumps back to his feet.

"Tackle!! " I scream.

Spinach Charges towards the Enemy Sentet who attempts to counter with a scratch attack. Charging towards the Enemy Spinach lands a tackle sending the sentret into a Tree and making it scurry away.

Feeling quite Proud of my Achievement, I continue on to Cherrygrove City. Once I arrive there a creepy old man stops me to 'show me ' around town. During this Time I was too busy playing with Spinach to Notice. At the end of it he gave me a pair of running shoes, with that I ran off to the next challenge Rt. 30.

Darting through the long grass on Rt. 30, I see a house, the person inside was kind enough to give me an Apricorn box, Even though I didn't want to see him, and thought it was Mr. Pokemons house. Running out and snagging an apricorn from the tree, I finally see Mr. Pokemons house.

When Suddenly a weedle Appeared.

** Battle Engaged **

The Weedle Stared at Me Menecingly its Stinger Dripping with poison.

"Careful Spinach, It looks Deadly" I say calmly.

Spinach turns and nods. as the weedle launches at us with its stinger, knocking Spinach over.

Groggily Spinach stands up, when I realise, It was Super Effective, and he was poisoned!!!

"Finish it with tackle" I cry Franticly!! as the chikorita, steadies and charges.

Slamming into the weedle, it goes flying into a pidgey, who promptly gulps it down and flies off. Shuddering Spinach stagers to my side I scoop him up and burst into Mr. Pokemons house.

" What happened Here?? " he cries as he rushes over.
" He got poisoned" I say, " Will he make it ?"

I notice another older man in the corner as Spinach suddenly is all Jumpy again.

" just needed an Antidote " Mr. Pokemon Explained. " Now you were sent here by Elm Correct. Here this the special discovery I made, I got it from a friend." as he handed over a strange egg in a basket.

"Cool, I'll Try not to drop it on my way back" I said Jokingly.

As I turned to leave the old man in the corner finally came out of the shadows, and I recognised him. It was Professor Oak! One of my Favourite Radio hosts.

"Here Take this Pokedex. go out and study all the pokemon you can find in the wild for me." He asks. " Take my Number too, so you can tell me what you've learnt. "

" Sure, If I get time. I've got to get going now… " I replied running for the door,

Why do old men always want my Pokegear number… as I ran through the door. My PokeGear rings.

" Hurry Back, Something Horrible has happened " Prof. Elm. cried * Click* …. Beeeep.

Darting forward, I put the running shoes on, and dashed back to CherryGrove. and bumped into this weird red-headed kid. Who I noticed was standing outside, The Labs window when I left New Bark Town.

" Hey Chump, Watch where you are going!! " He said Sternly " Hey, you have a pokemon, lets battle weakling, "
SS Nuzlocke:
Treat Everyday as your last because tomorrow may never come.

User Info: 2Love4Life

6 years ago#8
Battle Engaged

A Cyndaqil appears, and lights its fire on its back.

"Watch out for its fire, Spinach"

Suddenly, Spinach starts shaking and spinning its leaf, unleashing powder all over Cyndaqil, who appeared to be poisoned.

" Not bad For a weakling, Tackle Attack" said my new Rival.

" Use your tackle attack too Spinach!"

The two pokemon collide as dust from the road rises…. Spinach is standing tall, as my rivals pokemon collapses from the poison.

" Hmph! you got lucky, I'll get you next…. " He began " Hey give me back my Trainer Card! "

I snicker at his name. as he storms off. Dashing back to New Bark town, I'm grabbed by a cop.


" I… I…. " I studder

" You What!!! "

" Didn't take the pokemon " Lyra Finishes. " Now Lay off, Or Maril will get upset. "

" If he didn't take it who did? " The Officer Asks/

" I know who did it " I say quietly.. " It was…. " I lean forward and whisper it into his ear, and he runs off after his new suspect.

" So thats the Egg Mr. Pokemon was talking about, " Elm says pointing to the basket in my hands.

"interesting leave it here with me I'm going to study it, Why not head off to Violet City, They have a gym there, you can Challenge the pokemon league. "

With one pokemon yea right, I think to myself, as I head out the door, and make my way towards Violet City , completely forgetting to visit mom while i was home.

Chapter End
SS Nuzlocke:
Treat Everyday as your last because tomorrow may never come.

User Info: 2Love4Life

6 years ago#9
bump, update comming later today =D
SS Nuzlocke:
Treat Everyday as your last because tomorrow may never come.

User Info: 2Love4Life

6 years ago#10
Chapter 3: New Friends! New Challenge!

Finally I was on Rt. 30 Making my way to Violet City, when Suddenly, A Trainer appeared at my Side.

" My Ratatta is in the top 2% of all Ratattas "
Sighing Heavily, I say " Prove It "

Before the Trainer can even Blink Spinach unleashes a razor leaf, and the Ratatta is fainted.

" But, But…. " he Cries. " My Rattata, How? "

"I just have a stronger pokemon" I say walking off.

I Crawl through the long grass hoping to find something exciting and some new pokemon, when I come across another Egg.

Looking around curious as to what its doing there, I see its starting to crack and glow a sparkling white, Covering my eyes from the blinding flash, When I uncover my eyes, I see a small Fluffy sheep staring at my face.


Carefully taking out my pokeball, I go to touch it to the Sheep

" Come on Little fella, I won't Hurt you "

Jumping towards the pokeball it opens and my new friend Disappears.

Welcome to the Team Lamb Chops

Met At: Route 31.
OT: ??????
ID: 35747
Nature: Jolly!
Characteristic: Strong WIlled

" Well now, where going to have to do some training with our new friend spinach "
SS Nuzlocke:
Treat Everyday as your last because tomorrow may never come.
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