Think there will be new pokemon formes?

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User Info: Alphrin

8 years ago#1
Gamefreak has been doing the "new formes" thing alot lately. And looking at the logos for SoulSilver and HeartGold (which look significantly different than the Lugia and Ho-oh I'm used to), I can't help but wonder if we're gonna be getting new formes for Lugia and Ho-oh.

Remember, FireRed and LeafGreen gave us new formes for Deoxys just like Emerald did.
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User Info: Diorte

8 years ago#2
That's a mighty good question oO I have no idea. I hope so, and I hope you don't have to do some asinine event crap to unlock them.
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User Info: Ancient_Fate

8 years ago#3
I want a bipedal Lugia.
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User Info: Kholdstare89

8 years ago#4
I hope not.
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User Info: IrishMercenary

8 years ago#5
since we have the forms stated (its forms by the way to thouse without poetic licence, not formes)
Just simply to to reply with another question, why not? they can revert back on wifi to non compatible games, ala rotom
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User Info: Zarren364

8 years ago#6
people speculate that shellos line will have new forms.
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User Info: Furio

8 years ago#7
I want a washing machine lugia.

User Info: Sky_Luigi

8 years ago#8
If Lugia gets a forme that looks like the logo Lugia... I will make every ounce of my time until Soul Silver is released to find out how to get it and learn everything about it.
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User Info: Diorte

8 years ago#9
Omg foreshadowing!!! =X
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User Info: GastonRabbit

8 years ago#10
I'm hoping Arbok has a separate form for Johto. Its belly pattern in GSC was different from the one in DPP (the "mouth" was red with a black outline instead of solid black and the "eyes" appeared to have pupils).
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  3. Think there will be new pokemon formes?

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