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User Info: LSygma

7 years ago#1
So SS comes out tomorrow,and I plan to pick up a copy. There is something I'd like to get out of the way first. I hear that it's possible to get a shiny starter Pokemon, though the chances are low. One method to get them that I've seen and heard about is soft resetting. That has me wondering, do you soft reset and go back to Professor Oak's explanation when you first start the game, or do you save, and then soft reset at Professor Elm's lab before you get your starter, repeating either method that works until you can get a shiny starter? Thanks for answering if you can.

User Info: MW2addiction

7 years ago#2
You can save right in front of the pokeball.Unlike the other game when you see the pokemon on the ball it'll show you if its shiny.
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User Info: Pender29

7 years ago#3
Save in Professor Elm's lab right before you pick a starter. In the selection menu when you're picking one, if one of them is shiny, the shiny sprite will be displayed. If none of them are, then you soft reset the game and try again. Rinse and repeat until one of them shows up shiny.
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User Info: LSygma

7 years ago#4
Hahaha, thanks for telling me :D
Now I know I don't have to read Oak's speech a billion times.

User Info: aiRWaLKRe

7 years ago#5
I would assume the pokemon that follows you would be the shiny color palette scheme too?
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