Zubat or Pidgey who better

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User Info: therock500

7 years ago#1
what one better to have in a team
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User Info: kanime_yuta

7 years ago#2
In Game, anything works. Use whichever one you like better.

For online competitive play, and the Battle Tower/Frontier, Crobat would probably be the better of the two, but I'm no competitive expert.
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User Info: alienhamster

7 years ago#3
they both taste just fine.
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User Info: Mr Stick

Mr Stick
7 years ago#4
I personally prefer Zubat's evolutionary line, both in-game, and competitively.

My friend became all into competitive playing and I didn't, and my Crobat still kicked his ass a lot of times before it went down. It's very fast. I think it used to be the fastest, but I don't remember.

<3 Crobat
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