Catching And Training a Staryu/Starmie

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User Info: Parosa

7 years ago#1

Kay guys, I'm not an expert on EV's and stuff like that (I could use a simplistic guide on those). So how do you people recommend I go about catching a staryu, eventually training it to a level above 50 and evolving it to a starmie at some point?

Eventually, I want a high-level SpAttack and Speed-trained starmie with Thunder/Psychic/Surf/Ice Beam or something along those lines.

I should mention that I own fire red, diamond, pearl and soul silver (haven't started on it yet).

User Info: pokemaster2185

7 years ago#2
I got my Staryu in the Pokewalker. Don't remember which area I took a stroll in though. As for natures, you should aim for a Modest nature.
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User Info: juxtapose1988

7 years ago#3
The EV Training Guide in the FAQs section has the basics you'll need to get started looking at EV training. It gives a nice, broad overview without going overboard on details, which usually scare people away.
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User Info: Parosa

7 years ago#4

I google'd EV training and the finer details did turn me off it a bit. Will take a look at the FAQ. Thanks :D

User Info: SSBBisawesome

7 years ago#5
I recommend Thunderbolt over Thunder, mostly because of Thunder's horrible accuracy.
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User Info: TakeshiSkunk

7 years ago#6
I can't remember how many of those moves need to be trained onto it, but you'll want a Modest Staryu with 252 SpAtk/ 252 Speed / last 4 in either Def or SpDef, whichever is lower.

First, before you do any fighting with it, give it 10 each of Carbos and whatever vitamin ups SpAtk. You can't gain any EVs past 100 with vitamins so it's the most efficient to do that right away.

Give it pokerus if you can, and a macho brace or Power items for each stat respectively.

For SpAtk go to the old chateau. Put R/S/E in your GBA port so that Haunters and Gengars appear. I think Gengars appear in the room with the painting that has the eyes.

Gastly: Macho Brace ---- 1 SpAtk EV * 2 (macho brace) = 2 * 2 (pokerus) = 4 total
Power Item ---- 1 SpAtk EV + 4 (power item) = 5 * 2 (pokerus) = 10 total.

Haunter gives 2 SpAtk and Gengar gives 3, so you can calculate those out yourself. Just keep track of them with the counter app and when you hit 152 you'll be done (assuming you gave him the 100 with vitamins)

Speed can be trained in caves with Meditite and Zubat. There's probably a single best place for it I just don't know off the top of my head.
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User Info: Parosa

7 years ago#7

@Takeshi Explain the math behind the vitamins? I thought they were bad for levelling up?

User Info: Parosa

7 years ago#8


User Info: VespersVoyageur

7 years ago#9
Vitamins are good; before giving Staryu any EVs give Staryu 10 Carbos and 10 of whatever Sp. Atk is (I think Calcium).
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User Info: Mikey_R

7 years ago#10
Vitamins give 10 EVs to their respective stat, however they can only increase the EVs up to a maximum of 100.

This means if ,for example, you have 0 EVs in speed you can feed it 10 Carbos and you will get 100 speed EVs. However if you have already got, say 70 speed EVs then you can only use 3 Carbos before they have no effect because that would bring the total up to 100.

This means if your poke has 100 or more EVs in a stat and you try and feed it a vitamin for the corresponding stat then it will have no effect and you won't be able to.
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