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Messenger Pokemon

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User Info: SupaStuff

7 years ago#1
After Goldenrod city, the guard guy thats at the gate to the next route gave me his spearow to give to his friend at route 31. I can imagine other characters doing this later on in the game. But what happens if after I finish his request a friend gives me that spearow in a trade before he does that mini quest? Would I be able to do the quest again or will it mess up my game somehow or will nothing happen? Unless it's impossible to trade it.
I like to collect the NPC's pokemon that you normally get from a trade in the game.

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

7 years ago#2
in the original games you could take the letter from the spearow and put on another pokemon and give it to him dont know if that still works
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User Info: Larkybroages

7 years ago#3

Yeah it still works. You put it on any other pokemon besides the Spearow and the guy will say "Oh I don't know that Pokemon. I'll let you take care of it." And so you get to keep Kenya!

User Info: SupaStuff

7 years ago#4
oh thats pretty cool. I guess I'll just do that then.

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