Special and/or Physical Tank on a Competitive Team?

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User Info: GeminiX7

7 years ago#1
Im wondering would you have both a physical and special tank on a team, and if so, I was wondering what would you fill the rest of the team with, or, if there is a theme team that uses both. Im mainly wondering because I kinda wanna try a team with a Muk as a special Tank(using Payback on Psychic enemies).

On that note, what are some good 1st/2nd gen physical tanks?
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User Info: camo4321

7 years ago#2
well i know blissy is an uber special tank, and i beleive shukkle if a bestly defenceive and special defencive wall, also jirachi can be built as a wall, but i am not sure of its stats so i dunno what whould be a better way to go
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User Info: RAPTall1

7 years ago#3
Muk can be fun to use. I suggest giving it acid armor so you can boost its defense by a lot too.

Forretress is a good physical wall, Blissey for special, Vaporeon and Umbreon... Honestly I'd say go check out a site that talks about walls and such like Smogon. I'm not sending you there just because, but it does give good info on how certain pokes are built whether you want to use their movesets or not.
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User Info: lordlugia_rocks

7 years ago#4
vaporeon and Milotic are great special tanks.
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User Info: WhiteLeo143

7 years ago#5
snorlax is a good special tank
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User Info: reklaw_vahn

7 years ago#6
Well Steelix is a great Physical tank and would accommodate your Muk pretty well considering.
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User Info: Cyptosporidium

7 years ago#7
Shuckle could be the best physical wall if he had any sort of good base HP stat. But the highest Defense stat doesn't mean much if you don't have much HP to begin with.
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User Info: Grnblt

7 years ago#8
Wow, people make this game way too complicated. Types mean a lot more than Special/Physical stuff. For example, a Charizard is going to take down a Meganium any day of the week regardless of the Special Attack/Defense as long as they're around the same level.
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User Info: GeminiX7

7 years ago#9
lol Grnbolt. Type matters, but you obviously haven't played competitively. EV's, Natures, etc. are all really important in endgame. All it'd take would be a physical or special wall with a rock or water ability, and that Charizard is more or less done for, even if it is a grass type you are fighting.

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User Info: GeminiX7

7 years ago#10
Anyway, would a:

1.Speed PMKN/Baton Pass (starts fight, maybe sets up buffs, mainly for getting an idea of enemy starter pokemon)

2.Physical Tank

3.Special Tank

4.Physical Sweeper

5.Special Sweeper

6.Physical or Special sweeper that covers other elements not covered by 4. and 5.

work as a team? I don't really know what the standard set-up for teams that dont have a specific theme (Like Rain dance teams, spiker teams, etc.)
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