why does my game keep crashing? please help

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  3. why does my game keep crashing? please help

User Info: jarediswicked92

7 years ago#1

No it hasnt been downloaded or anything, its fully legit (although I did get it at an oddly low price...) so why does my game keep crashing!? Im not going to buy another, because i've put 11 hours in to it and I dont wanna do it again.

Has this happened to anyone? Whether it has or not, what do you think I should do? Is there some way i could download a firmware updater for the ds or something? i'm absolutely clueless lol

Please help!


The Pokemon Team.

User Info: FrostMan24

7 years ago#2
Did you buy it used?
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

7 years ago#3
Where did you buy it? Did you get the box and book?
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User Info: jarediswicked92

7 years ago#4
i bought it off of ebay for like $30 or something. I thought it was brand new, because it was sealed and everrything but when I played it, it had a saved game file on there (for 0:00 minutes though). Why do you ask anyway? thanks.

User Info: Xemnas1111

7 years ago#5
Looks like you got a dud version :l

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User Info: yzman

7 years ago#6
You probably bought a pirated version from China.
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User Info: Machoping

7 years ago#7
yeah i got a bad fire red from china that would always crash after the 5th gym this is something similar i am guessing

User Info: Crystal_Kyuubi

7 years ago#8
Never buy Pokemon games from eBay for this reason. Sorry to say, but there are a WHOLE lot of pirated copies on that site. Sure, you can get them for lower prices, but in the future, remember that it's just not worth the risk. :(
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User Info: Miz_iZ_AwSOme_X

7 years ago#9
My friend you just got burned that game was pirated made on china.
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  3. why does my game keep crashing? please help

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