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Mono-gender species

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User Info: Moofonza

6 years ago#1
So if a male, mono-gendered species (Taurus, for example, or the Nidoking line) breeds with a member of the corresponding all-female species (taurus and milktank, nidoking and queen), is it possible for their offspring to be male? Is it possible to breed Taurus or nidoran(male) at all?
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User Info: Lone_Hunter

6 years ago#2
only by using a ditto will u get that male form
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User Info: SeprenMaelstrom

6 years ago#3
The above is not entirely true... Tauros needs to breed with Ditto to obtain another. Miltank will only have other Miltank as offspring.

The base-form Nidorans are able to breed together for 50% of either gender; however their later stages cannot produce eggs of their own species, it seems. I don't know if the male line is able to breed with others in order to pass on egg moves, but it's possible - can anybody confirm?

Volbeat / Illumise are also 50 / 50.
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User Info: yzman

6 years ago#4
Nidorina and higher can't reproduce, they are sterile. All of the male nidorans can breed though.
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