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User Info: Toad_Sage254

7 years ago#1
After reading through Vileaerok's Nuzlocke for HG so far, I've been inspired to do my own for Soul Silver. I'm going to be using most of his additions to the rules and some of my own as well. Being my first Nuzlocke, this is going to be interesting to say the least. Actually, the first time I ever HEARD of Nuzlocke was yesterday and I've been looking for a good challenge for Pokemon. ^_^ Here are the rules.

Standard Rules:
- If a Pokemon faints you "release" it. (I am going to make a Graveyard Box)
- You have to catch the fist Pokemon in the area. Only 1 per area. (That isn't a duplicate *Includes evolutions*)
- Nickname every Pokemon caught.

Vileaerok's Additions I'm using:
- No healing items In/Out of battle. (Includes Ether/Status Healing items)
- All Items (Not hold Items or TM/HM) found must be sold. (Potions/repel/everything)
- Only heal at Pokemon Centers (anytime).
- Can only catch pokemon with Premier Balls - all other Pokeballs must be sold.
- If a Pokemon faints while holding an item it gets buried with it. (Graveyard Box)
- Can not use egg/gift/trade/pokewalker pokemon.
- No Legendary Pokemon to be caught/used - All must be defeated.
- No Day-Care Center.
- If all 6 Pokemon faint and there are no more in PC - Game Over.

My Additions:
- No using Fly outside of battle.
- No catching Pokemon that shares a type with the Starter
- Set Battle Style

Ok, here I go......
My name is Heero and I'm starting off with a Cyndaquil named Inferno.
I'll update as soon as I get the pokedex and start the adventure from Cherrygrove.

User Info: Vileaerok

7 years ago#2
You are now tracking this topic.

Love the additions! Good luck out there - I'll be reading!
--- Pokemon HG Friend Code: 2536 9451 9800 --- Name: Aerok

User Info: Toad_Sage254

7 years ago#3
Thanks man. :)

Inferno seems to be a bit on the overlevelled side already....good thing he's Jolly natured otherwise I wouldn't be able to catch ANYTHING using Ember lol. Anyway, moving along. I beat my rival Zechs and sold the pokeballs Lyra gave to me. I run to route 29 and the first step I take in the grass I run into a male Hoothoot which I caught.
"Welcome to the team Zemzallet!"
Made my way to the bottom of Route 46, caught myself a male Geodude and named him PunkRocker. After a quick trip to the pokecenter to heal my newfound allies, I hurried to Route 30 and about four steps into the first patch of grass I trip over a female Rattata. I caught her with my last premier ball and named her Rattatoey. Now I need to level grind a bit to catch the rest of my team up with Inferno.

User Info: Toad_Sage254

7 years ago#4
So I decided to be fair to the newbie in game trainers and only level up to 5 for my new team members before heading to Violet City. Little did I know that Zemzallet would learn Hypnosis at 5 since I never used Hoothoot before and he ended up rocking youngster Joey and Matthew I think it was? Midway through my flight to the next city, I get a phone call from my mom scolding me for not telling her I was headed out on my journey and in the same breath asking me if I wanted her to save money for me. I respond yes *click* and continue on, switching to Rattatoey to give her a turn since Zem reached 6. I defeat a bug trainer and then the next step of grass after that I run into a level 5 Hoothoot which hypnotized Rattatoey instantly. I switch to PunkRocker who also gets hypnotized, but he's a Geodude so I just stay in and wait for him to awaken from his slumber and crushed Hoothoot after. After I defeated the last bug trainer with ease it was all downhill from there to Violet city.

This morning, I sold all the items I received along the way and was able to get one premier ball and decided to try my luck at catching a Bellsprout at Route 31. I didn't run into Bellsprout first, though. A female Weedle stopped me. Welcome to the team Wheaties......I can tell my adventure is going to be interesting now because I never used this pokemon before either.

Well, I'm off to go to work now irl, so I'll have more updates after I get home at around 6:30pm (EST) or so. Sprout tower is next. See you guys later.

User Info: SnrChumber21

7 years ago#5
my return to the forums after a year or so.....what a great way to start....freaking love this...but there is NO way i can ever do this ha!
i'm so lame when it comes to the beginning of the journey...i never like it cause pokemon are WEAK at the beginning and it's tedious XD
GOOd Luck good sir
\/Nirvana\/ "What would you do if you were caught in the middle of a monkey gunfight?"

User Info: Toad_Sage254

7 years ago#6
Thanks for your support SnrChumber21. :)

**Ascending Sprout Tower**

I use Wheaties to defeat Sage Nico's team of Lv. 3 Bellsprout and after that Wheaties evolved into Kakuna. :)
I make short work out of most of the sages using Wheaties and Zemzalett up until I meat up with Sage Neal. His Lv. 6 Bellsprout lays into Rattatoey with a critical Vine Whip leaving her down to her last ounce of strength. I almost lost her there and had to switch in Inferno for a quick defeat. Sage Troy's Hoothoot beats PunkRocker to half his strength by repeatedly using hypnosis and a few criticals with tackle. Wake up PunkRocker! He finally hears me and forearm tackles Hoothoot into the floor with a critical hit of his own. My team looks pretty beat up after this so I decided to descend the tower for now to heal up to prep for battle with Elder Li.

While in Violet City, I hit up the Poke Mart to sell the things I picked up and get two more premier balls for later use. Time to go back up the tower again! Making my way up the tower, I'm hoping to find a wild Gastly but to no avail. Too early for him to come out I guess because I reach the top of the tower without spotting him. Zechs is also at the top of the tower and after hearing the elder say pokemon aren't tools of war he has some choice words of his own about hating the weak and only seeks strong pokes or something like that. Blah Blah Zechs.

Now it's my turn to face Elder Li....Not seeing how his pokemon are fully healed after being pummeled by Zechs ten seconds ago *coughs*hacker*coughs*, I send out Rattatoey. He sends out Bellsprout and tells him to Vine Whip.....Not so fast, Quick Attack Rattatoey! Two Bellsprouts later and nothing but exchanging Vine Whips and Quick Attacks, the wise Elder brings out his Hoothoot. Rattatoey looks tired at this point with staggered breathing so I tell her to return and take a good rest. PunkRocker, Go!

Just like the battle with Sage Troy before, Hoothoot almosts beats PunkRocker only this time uses Peck instead of Tackle. Took a little more to beat him, but we did it. The Elder bows and gives us TM 70, Flash. I pick up the Escape Rope in the corner and make my descent down the tower again. Lather, rinse, repeat with item selling and getting another ball thanks to Elder Li's allowance. Now to scope out Route 32 a bit before heading to Falkner's gym to see if I can get Mareep......Nope, ran into a female Bellsprout! Hello Twiggy, meet your new friends. ^_^

Next update is Falkners gym.......but I gotta level a bit, I want PunkRocker to get Rock Throw before tackling it. Well, Idk. I should be strong enough now if I just put him in front for the trainers beforehand.....Guess I'll update soon.

Team for now:
Inferno (Male Cyndaquil Lv.11)
PunkRocker (Male Geodude Lv.9)
Rattatoey (Female Rattata Lv.9)
Wheaties (Female Kakuna Lv.9)
Zemzallet (Male Hoothoot Lv.8)
Twiggy (Female Bellsprout Lv.6)

User Info: xLinkku

7 years ago#7
-Also tracks topic-
Definitely looking foward to this! Good luck!
-starts new game in HG- ^_^ i'm going to use some of your rules if ya don't mind hehe
Random note: i finally beat Red in SS after like 5 months... dont ask...
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User Info: cookietheif

7 years ago#8
*Tracks topic* Go Go Go!
Only moral in a corrupt community is chance

User Info: Vileaerok

7 years ago#9
Good job getting that far! good read while I grind mine up to face the E4!

Keep it up!
Pokemon HG Friend Code: 2536 9451 9800 --- Name: Aerok
*** My Nuzlocke Run - ***

User Info: Toad_Sage254

7 years ago#10
Oh thank you, and yeah feel free to use some of the I posted I borrowed most of them myself and I'm liking the challenge. ^_^

The trainers before Falkner beat on me quite a bit. I forget their names already, but the first bird keeper's Spearow got 5x hits with Fury Attack with the last shot being critical twice in a row on PunkRocker after I switched Twiggy out trying to level her. The next one's Pidgey was able to Sand Attack me six times which annoyingly drew that battle out. Now to face Falkner after a quick PokeCenter trip. (Yeah, I think I'm starting to heal too much......wait for Victory Road, though lol)

*Falkner sends out his Pidgey*
"Pidgey, use Sand Attack!"
*Pidgey kicks sand into PunkRocker's eyes*
"Owww....quit it...Rock Polish, PunkRocker!"
*PunkRocker polishes.....himself? Speed greatly increased*
I have him use Rock Polish again so he can match or maybe outspeed his next poke, and get Sand Attacked by Pidgey again. After that it's time to start wailing on him with Rock Smash which I got by branching off to Route 36 really quick before this fight. His Pidgey decides to tackle for one damage each until he dies. Then he sends out Pidgeotto.........This was IMMENSELY close and I lucked out with Rock Polish exactly matching its speed. He Gusts for a critical taking PunkRocker to 8 HP. I hit him with Rock Throw just barely taking him to half.
Falkner: "We can still fly!"
Predicting he would try to Roost, I ready PunkRocker to use Rock Smash.......My prediction....WRONG! He gusts first putting Punk to 1 HP and Rock Smash misses.......Arceus, no.....I don't want to lose you PunkRocker hang in there! He ends up going first with Rock Throw, ending the battle. Acquired Zepher Badge and TM 51 Roost! Wow, Punk. You really pulled through for me there, THANK YOU!

Needless to say, I practically flash stepped to the PokeCenter because he was seeing spots. Ok....NOW I'll grind for a bit because that was intense. Updates coming later....
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