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User Info: illiaxreddragon

6 years ago#1
Im illiax (First post in gamefaqs)
somebody told me people here is friendly, and as im new playing pokemon soul silver, i wanted to know if it is here where i can meet some friends to trade or battle with.
I saw there is some identifier to add to pal pad and then you can play with friends. I dont know anyone that plays pokemon in my neighborhood u.u.
I apologize if this is no place to put this post.


User Info: businessguy1031

6 years ago#2
I too am new to this site. In the main board, people normally discuss about general pokemon stuff such as questions, advice, etc. In the trade board, people make threads to either post their wants and have list or to make a request. The battle forum is where you make threads about battling. There are many different tiers of pokemon, but most people go by Smogon rules. I'm sure someone more experienced than me would discuss more in details about battling.

Anyways, this is a site made for the young gamers (some of us older gamers like it as well), but the swear filters normally keep things clean. Anyways, enjoy your time at gamefaqs. :)

User Info: Maciacia1

6 years ago#3
im sure theres a sticky somewhere on the battle board with the rules, well theres different rules for different kind of battles like OU, UU, NU.
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User Info: illiaxreddragon

6 years ago#4
Thanks for replying!
i had found the sticky so ive already started my way trading pokemons with people im meeting here.!
thanks for the help!
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