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User Info: meowingcarrot

5 years ago#1
Do you guys want me? :P

Basically, i finished exams yesterday yaaaay!! but i waited so long to write anything in my ss nuzlocke, it archived :/ so i thought I'd start another but on a different game. So my Platinum nuzlocke is underway as we speak just started. Buuut I don't wanna be one of those people to spam up this board since you were so supportive in my ss nuzlocke. Sooo can i get you guys to reply if you want me to write my Platinum nuzlocke here or not?

Thanks :)
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User Info: Defender31415

5 years ago#2
Sure. If you end up not writing here, you can go to the Emerald Social Board.
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User Info: SinisterSandman

5 years ago#3
You could always make a new topic, and provide a link to the old one?

Just carry on from where you left off...?
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User Info: meowingcarrot

5 years ago#4
I was gonna carry on with my SS nuzlocke but last night, I picked up and new games Platinum soo i thought I'd do a nuzlocke. Anyway, I got this far:

Platinum nuzlocke

1. When a poke dies, it is sent to the DEAD box in the PC forever.
2. Catch the first Poke on every route
3. If there is 6 in a Party, you can't catch anymore.
4. If you KO a poke on a route, you are forced to skip the route.
5. Must nickname every team member as a character of the Stick Gang/meowingcarrot animations. (will give description of character after every name)
That should be it..

Trainer: Biff (One of the most popular members of meowingcarrot animations. Is strong on attack and projectile attacks and has a great fighting skill.)
Seen on: youtube, meowingcarrot animations
Best videos: Friend zone, Complicated, Sticks vs Biff, Sticks vs Biff in Mario Land.
Rival: Sticks (the leader of the Stick Gang and the first character to be created. He is the strongest and most skilled fighter out of the whole meowingcarrot animations and is incredibly confident in his fighting abilities.)
Skills: Boxing, Singing

Biff wakes up in his room, seems pretty empty but it's perfect for not getting distracted from training. He takes one step after waking up and Sticks comes crashing into the room.
'Where to?'
'We're gonna get Pokemon!'
The two fighters go off on a new adventure together. Sticks tries charging into the wild grass and gets stopped by an old man. The old man asks Sticks if he loves Pokemon and Sticks replies 'yes' as you would. The old man gave both Biff and Sticks a Pokemon for free.

Poke 1
Nickname: Singe (Singe is the newest character in meowingcarrot animations. He is very strong and trains under Biff, Sticks, Phunky and Shades, the tournament champions. He has strong fire skills)
Lv 5

Ian manages to just win his first battle against Stick's Piplup through scratching constantly. Biff is normally more of an offensive fighter, so this strategy worked well for him. The next morning, Biff tells his mum what happened and both Sticks and Biff walk over to the Lake. After listening to a strange, dark man whisper to himself, Sticks talked about competing with Biff in trying to catch a legendary pokemon. Biff turned down the offer as he wasn't interested, he was more interested in battling the animal he just caught to make it stronger. Sticks ran over to the old man's house out of protest and Biff decided to train his Chimchar a little more.

Thus starting the adventure of Sticks and Biff in the Sinnoh Region.
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User Info: meowingcarrot

5 years ago#5
Part 2

Biff tries to step foot into the old man's lab when Sticks pushes him out the way to tell him that the old guy isn't scary at all. Sticks rushes off and leaves Dawn and Biff in the dust. Biff heads on inside the lab and names his Chimchar Singe. Just as Biff was about to leave the lab, he gets called back and given a TM from the old man.
'My name is Rowan by the way'. He stated.

When Biff got back home, he received a Journal off his mum to write about his experiences so she can read them when he comes back. Suddenly Sticks' mum comes rushing in, worried about her son. She gives Biff a package for Sticks saying he is in Jubilive city. Biff runs through route 201 without catching anything because he was forced to skip the route due to his earlier training.

Biff finally thinks that he can truly start his adventure. However, Dawn stops him from properly entering route 202, the first route Biff can use to catch another team member. She stops him and demonstrates how to catch a pokemon. Easy.. She then gives me 5 pokeballs which is nice of her :)

Poke 2
nickname: Mr Shoe (you'll get it if you knew my characters. Basically Mr Shoe is the weakest character even though he really tries to be better, he's just a poor fighter)

Well best train this bad boy... I face my first trainer apart from Sticks. He has a lv 5 Starly. I return Mr Shoe and send out Singe to 1HKO Starly. Mr Shoe seems very weak but he levels up faster than I imagined. Lets hope he gets stronger with more training.

Well then, that'll be it for tonight, I'll keep playing and update tomorrow :)

Singe (Chimchar) Lv13
Mr Shoe (Bidoof) Lv4

location: wales-uk Thank you for all the support on my videos

User Info: meowingcarrot

5 years ago#6
Part 3-Rejection??

Biff carries on training heavily before entering Jubilive City. Suddenly Singe glows a bright white and grows larger in size. Biff is surprised to see his first companion to have changed in appearance from a cute monkey to a large, aggressive one. His Chimchar evolved into Monferno. Mr Shoe stared in awe at the change of his team mate. Although he had been training heavily and reached lv10, he still hadn't dreamed of evolving.

Biff entered Jubilive city with a smile on his face. More confident than ever, he strode into the city and met Dawn. She went to take him to the school to help him learn more about battling when they were stopped by a strange man who was darting around the road. He called himself Looker and fled into the busy city. Biff went into the school to find Sticks and handed him the package from his mother. Sticks gave Biff a map of Sinnoh in return for the gesture. Biff went to face the kids in the school with Mr shoe, who was proving to be a lot stronger than before.

As Biff leaves the school, he is stopped by a wealthy looking man who asks him to get a poketch by talking to clowns and answering their questions. Seems simple enough although a little creepy. After collecting the three coupons, Biff receives a Poketch.

Finally, something interesting, Biff runs to route 204 and encoutners a wild Krickitot. However, Mr Shoe used tackle which got a critical and 1HKOed it. This means that unfortunately, route 204 has to be skipped in catching a pokemon. Biff decides to stay on the route to fight the trainers and train up Mr Shoe a little more. Mr Shoe faced up against a Shinx and after two tackles, it was koed. He was certainly proving to be more of an asset to the team.

As I enter Route 203, Sticks sees me. He charges at Biff desperate for a victory against the new team. I send out Mr Shoe to face his Starly. Starly hits with a quick attack and Mr Shoe counters with tackle. Starly uses growl and makes Mr Shoe's tackle too weak to ko Starly. One more tackle sorts out the bird. I send out Singe for his first battle as a Monferno to face against Stick's Piplup. Singe uses mach punch and Piplup uses growl to weaken the punch. Singe finishes the battle with a scratch attack. Sticks was devostated that he lost to Biff. He talks about beating the gym leader in Orebourgh before Biff. Biff ignores Sticks' boasting and heads into the wild grass to catch a new team mate. He encounters a Bidoof. Since, Biff has already got a Bidoof, he was forced to KO it and therefore skip the route. This was painful as he knew he could have got an Abra here. Biff shakes off the loss of a new team mate and trains up Mr Shoe more.

Singe (Monferno Lv14)
Mr Shoe (Bidoof Lv11)

Dead-None (Some close calls but none)
location: wales-uk Thank you for all the support on my videos

User Info: meowingcarrot

5 years ago#7
Part 4

Biff fights through all of the trainers and trains up Mr Shoe a little before getting into the Oreburgh gate. Once entering Oreburgh gate, a hiker throws him the HM for Rock Smash and states that it can only be used after defeating the gym leader. Biff's eyes sparkled at the challenge and he ran towards the end of the cave. He ran into a wild Zubat and after Mr Shoe tackled it, Biff through a pokeball. Batty was caught.

Poke 3
Nickname: Batty (Batty's design was based on Golbat in Pokemon Stadium 2. He is small but very fast at both flying and running and he can eat almost anything as his mouth can expand to up to 5 times his body's size.)
Lv 7

Biff mothers Batty to train up the new team member to a respectable level before the gym.

Sorry for the short part, I have to go out for a little bit.

(best videos of Biff: )
Batty (Zubat Lv7) (Video including Batty: )
Mr Shoe (Bidoof Lv13) (Video including Mr Shoe: )
Singe (Monferno Lv14) (Video including Singe: )

Rival Sticks (Best videos including Sticks: )

Thank you for all the support :)
location: wales-uk Thank you for all the support on my videos

User Info: meowingcarrot

5 years ago#8
Part 5

Biff trains up Mr Shoe and Batty and realises that there is another location where he can catch another team member. He runs down to the Oreburgh mines and immediately a wild Onix jumps out at him. The 28'10” rock snake came charging at Batty. Batty used astonish and made the Onix flinch. Biff threw a pokeball and caught the snake. After a while of training in the mine, Mr Shoe glows white and evolves into Bibarel. This will make the gym fight a lot easier for Biff's team.

Poke 4
Nickname: Stonio (A lifeform completely made out of rock. His hands are solid boulders that are capable of summoning rocks to shoot at his enemies. Stonio's defence is top notch. Can be seen in )

Biff trains up the new team to a respectable level before attempting the Oreburgh gym. After fighting a gym trainer with Stonio, he realises that maybe he is underlevelled. Nevertheless, Stonio manages to win against the gym trainers so Biff decides to face Roark anyway.

Gym Leader Roark
Geodude Lv12
Onix Lv12
Cranidos Lv14

Stonio lv12
Mr shoe Lv16
Singe Lv16
Batty Lv16

Biff sends out Stonio to take on Roark's Geodude. Both rock types are at the same level and this fight will be purely on skill. Stonio uses screech and Geodude uses Stealth Rock. Stonio uses another screech attack but it fails and Geodude hits with a rock throw. Stonio hits with a rock smash and Geodude throws more rocks at Stonio. Stonio's rock smash hit even harder than last and Roark uses a potion on his Geodude. Stonio keeps hitting with a rock smash and eventually kos the Geodude with a tackle attack. Roark sends out Cranidos so Biff counters with Mr Shoe. Mr shoe gets attacked by the stealth rock but fires a water gun attack brutally hurting Cranidos. Roark is forced to use a potion although it doesnt help much as a second water gun gets Cranidos to red health. Finally a final water gun kos Cranidos. To save anyone else being hurt by stealth rock, Biff keeps Mr shoe out. Roark sends out Onix and Mr Shoe finishes it instantly with a water gun. Biff obtains the coal badge.

Stonio (Onix) Lv12

Singe (Monferno) Lv16
Mr Shoe (Bibarel) Lv16
Batty (Zubat) Lv16

location: wales-uk Thank you for all the support on my videos

User Info: YoungsterJoeyJr

5 years ago#9
meowingcarrot posted...

Poke 4
Nickname: Stonio (A lifeform completely made out of rock. His hands are solid boulders that are capable of summoning rocks to shoot at his enemies. Stonio's defence is top notch. Can be seen in )

Haha. Anyway so far so good. I'll track this, just like the last.
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User Info: meowingcarrot

5 years ago#10
Ahhhh thank you :) I went the lat few posts with no feedback and freaked out a little :P
location: wales-uk Thank you for all the support on my videos
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