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User Info: ShadowLyzerg66

5 years ago#1
Hey guys, this is my second Nuzlocke. I have my Emerald nuzlocke over in a forum, if you want me to give you the link to it, just comment or PM me or something.

Okay, enough horsing around. Time to get to business!


1). Pokemon who faint must either be a) released or b) put in a box labeled Grave.

2). Capture the first Pokemon I see in the specific Route you are in unless it's a duplicate

3). All Pokemon must have an appropriate nickname.

4). Legend Pokemon must be caught (per storyline causes).

5). Gift Pokemon are allowed to be caught and used in battle.

6). Trading Pokemon for evolution purposes is allowed.

Okay I got the rules outta the way so now, its time for my SoulSilver journey to begin.
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User Info: ShadowLyzerg66

5 years ago#2
Chapter 1: The Burning Adventure Begins


???: "Oh man what day is it today?" I look up to see that its the day I have to go and help out Prof. Elm! "Cripes! I'm late!"

I quickly get all my clothes and stuff in order to go meet Prof. Elm. He's gonna give me a Pokemon today! I'm so excited! As I race down the stairs, my mom and my friend's mom are busy having one of their Sunday afternoon coffee chats. My mom gestures me to come and she starts fixing my collar...

Mom: "You know Ace, you have to look good in anyplace you are planning on going to... even if it IS down the street."

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ace; I'm 11 years old and I'm starting my Pokemon journey today. I think of myself as an active kid. I never get into any trouble since I'm smarter than most people assume I am. But enough about me, I want to get my first Pokemon!

Ace: "Thanks Mom. Bye Mrs. Elm, I can't wait to get my first Pokemon from your husband. I'm so ecstatic right now!"

Mrs. Elm: "I can tell. Now go on Ace! You don't want to be late now do you?"

I turn my head to signify a hearty no, and with that I was supposed to be off, but my Mom had other plans; like giving me my backpack and other necessary equipment. And with that short stop to gather up my last few things, I was off. Going on my journey and becoming a great trai- OOF! Ow... what was that? Oh... its a Marill. But then a girl starts running up to me and grabs the Marill.

Girl: "Oh Im so sorry. My Marill was a bit too hyperactive. I'm sorry I didn't catch your name..."

Ace: "Nah, its fine really." I dust myself off before giving this cheery girl my name. "My name is Ace. What about you, what's your name?"

Girl: "Oh my name is Lydia. It's a pleasure getting to know you a little, even though it was under some strange circumstances. I'll see you later."

I waved good-bye and then I finally proceeded to Prof. Elm's lab. The scenery there was hectic; everything looked disheveled and unorganized but the Prof. seemed to know where everything was even under all the mess that he had. He noticed I was standing there and stood up and walked up to me and I shook his hand.

Prof. Elm: "Hey there Ace. So, I needed your help. That's why I called your mother so we can arrange a 'mission' of some sort for you."

Ace: "A mission. What for Prof. Elm?"

Prof. Elm: "To collect the data from all the Pokemon in the world. I need your help, since you wanted to travel so bad, might as well use this as an excuse to go on one. So... will you help me?

Ace: "Yeah, I'm game..."

Continued in Part 2
"I claim this planet in the name of ED! Bringer of Bacon" --Ed

User Info: ShadowLyzerg66

5 years ago#3
Chapter 1: The Burning Adventure Begins Part Deux

Ace: "So basically, what I have to do is just record Pokemon that I see and try to get to see ALL of the Pokemon in Johto?"

Prof. Elm: "Yeah, that's basically it."

I look at Prof. Elm in a weird way because I only have one question: how am I gonna record the POKEMON?! Before I could have gotten in my question, the Prof. gestures to a machine that has 3 Pokeballs in them. I look at each one of them carefully and I turn back and the Prof. just nods, signifying that I can take one of them with me as my first Pokemon.

I'm so excited! Who do I choose? Prof. Elm walks up to me and says:

Prof. Elm: "Here, let me show you the three Pokemon that are in these Pokeballs."

He showed me three very different Pokemon. First, he introduced me to Chickorita, a Grass type. She seems very calm and relaxed, not such an active Pokemon since Chickoritas only sunbathe. I want a Pokemon that is active and hyperactive and is a bundle of energy. Then, the Prof. showed me Totodile, a Water type. They say that trainers should be careful around these Pokemon because they can get crazy and bite them. Maybe I shouldn't try to get one cause I want one that is active AND relaxed at the same time.

Then, the final Pokemon he introduced me to was Cyndaquil, a Fire type. They are active sometimes and the fire flares on its back symbolize that. Other than that, they are very docile creatures. I know who I am choosing as my main guy. I picked up the Cyndaquil and he squealed with happiness.

Ace: "You are my main guy, you know that? I'm gonna give you a name, okay? I'm gonna name you..... Ignis. How's that?"

The Cyndaquil flared up with joy and I gotta say I was a bit shocked when he did. Luckily, I didn't get burned. Prof. Elm laughed and said:

Prof. Elm: "Well, it seems that you and Ignis are going to get along just fine."

Ace: "Thanks for everything Prof. Elm. I promise I won't let you down!"

Next Chapter: The Mission Begins
"I claim this planet in the name of ED! Bringer of Bacon" --Ed

User Info: MeLikeyPie

5 years ago#4
Lydia...a name I know ALL too well. Skyrim. -shudder- (@Lydia, not the game itself. Though some would disagree)

Seems like Nuzlocke's are all the rage these days. Good luck though!
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User Info: ShadowLyzerg66

5 years ago#5
Its probably really bad huh? *chuckles* Hey man, every guy has a girl's name that they just don't like man. Haha. But yeah, in any case, posting chapter 2 right now and thanks for the track!
"I claim this planet in the name of ED! Bringer of Bacon" --Ed

User Info: ShadowLyzerg66

5 years ago#6
Chapter 2: The Mission Begins

Ignis seems to be really pumped up and excited. That's awesome; I enjoy Pokemon and people who are active and raring to go. Ignis and I head on out to the first Route but not until one of Elm's aids comes out running holding a bag of Potions. He came by running and out of breath, he said,

Aide: *catching his breath* Ace... I forgot... to give you... some Potions.
Ace: Thanks... uh.. I don't know your name.. =\
Redwood: My name is Redwood. But anyways, I gotta get back to Elm. Have fun!

I waved good-bye as the awkwardness of our meeting calmed down. I turn to smile at Ignis and put him on my head. The little Fire Type slowly nodded away and started sleeping. *sighs* Can't be helped. We eventually made our way to our first town, where an old man was running in place. He looked pumped up and excited.

Old Man: Hey kid! Are you a new trainer?!
Ace: Yeah. Why?
Old Man: Do you want me to show the ropes?
Ace: Nah, Im fine! Thanks for the offer!
Old Man: Oh wait! Before you go kid...

He tossed me a box with some brand new Running Shoes. He said that he has already a couple pairs of shoes like that, and he decided that he doesn't really need them anymore. I put my old, worn shoes in the box and start using my new shoes. I thanked the old man and dashed off, waking up Ignis in the process and nearly burning off my hair cause of it.

He looked sorta cranky so I tried putting him inside his Pokeball but refused. I realized that having Pokeballs that look exactly the same could get confusing, so I put some stickers to differentiate Ignis' Pokeball from the rest of them. I put a little Fire sticker on it.

But since Ignis refused to go in the Pokeball, it didn't matter. He kept walking behind me. A bunch of Pidgey's came out and tried to attack me and Ignis but my little starter fended off the attacks without getting seriously hurt, luckily. Ignis looked fired up (pun intended) and was raring to go. But as soon as we got to Mr. Pokemon's house it was night time.

When I entered, two people were talking while sitting at a table, probably discussing Pokemon related stuff. I didn't want to intrude on their conversation but Mr. Pokemon noticed me and I he was elated that I managed to get there on time. He started speaking.

Mr. Pokemon: Well, hello there Ace. Glad to see that you made it here on time. Now... *ruffles through the bag* this is what I wanted Prof. Elm. to take a look at.

He took out a weird and mysterious egg. I looked at the egg then looked back at him, with a perplexed look. The other man finished his coffee and introduced himself as Professor Oak. He looked at me with his grizzled and aged face and nodded. He then looked at Ignis and smiled ever so slightly.

Prof. Oak: Hello Ace. Elm has spoken great things about you. You are interested in becoming a Pokemon Trainer yes?
Ace: Yessir.

I have learned to act politely to people my senior and especially people held in as high regard as the legendary Prof. Oak. He spoke about traveling and seeing Pokemon. I nodded furiously. He chuckled and said he has a task to give someone, which is entrusting a thing called a Pokedex and is in charge of seeing the Pokemon in this region.

I accepted the task and became a Pokedex Holder. Sweet! Mr. Pokemon asked if I wanted to rest up before going back to New Bark. I refused since I felt rested up and ready to go. I thanked Mr. Pokemon for his hospitality and left.

Just then...

Elm: Ace! This is terrible... inconceivable... someone stole one of the starters! Please get here straight away!!
Ace: On my way Prof.!

Next Chapter: The Crimson Thief
"I claim this planet in the name of ED! Bringer of Bacon" --Ed

User Info: ShadowLyzerg66

5 years ago#7
Chapter 3: The Crimson Thief

The moon started rising as I raced down to try to catch the thief. Ignis raced along with me; jumping over ledges and sliding under fences. I got a little grass burn but I didn't mind the stinging of it. As we reached Cherrygrove, I see a crimson-haired kid strolling into town and I accidentally bumped into him. He shoved me backwards and Ignis Tackled him back. He only scoffed at the attempt to have Ignis fight him.

???: So... it seems you are that kid Elm entrusted that Pokemon to. How pathetic. I don't know what Elm was thinking when he chose you, but I can assure that the Pokemon I got will definitely beat yours.

My teeth clenched out of anger, but I looked away and breathed in and out slowly.

???: What's the matter kid? Gonna cry?
Ace: *exhales deeply* Nope. I'm gonna kick your sorry butt! Ignis! Attack!!
???: *taken aback* G-go! Totodile! Defend by using Scratch!
Ace: Use Smokescreen! Then Tackle!

The blue alligator looked around in a panic as the Smokescreen covered the lamp posts. Ignis managed to connect a few Tackles. The crimson-haired kid raced in to find Totodile. He grabbed him and recalled him to its Pokeball and tried to run off but I set my bag down which had the Egg and managed to tackle him to the ground.

I pinned his arms to the floor but he got his legs under me and pushed me away. He ran up to me to try and give a punch but he missed and I gave a swift punch to his stomach but it didn't affect him too much. He fell to his knees and as I was going to try and pin him down again, he came with an uppercut which stunned me for a brief amount of time.

But in that time, he ran off with Totodile. Ignis ran to me as the smoke cleared from the Smokescreen and nuzzled me. And the little Fire type managed to grab my bag, which contained the Egg. Strong little guy.

I sat for a few minutes and people who heard the commotion and asked if I was okay. I nodded slowly but it felt disappointing that I couldn't get Totodile back. I staggered my way up to my feet, exhausted from battling that kid. I held my ribs as I thanked the strangers who helped me. It hurt to breathe as I took deep breaths once again.

One thing I DID notice was a Trainer card after the scuffle. I picked it up and said its name was... *sighs* his name was Soul. Heh. Ironic, cause if he HAD one, he wouldn't be doing this in the first place...

I made my way back to New Bark where I got to Prof. Elm's Lab and there were some police officers there. Elm, looking astonished at my state, runs up to me and frantically asks if I am okay. The police officers ask me if I knew anybody that could match a description they had on the perpetrator.

I told him I battled him at Cherrygrove. They asked for his name and I said I didn't have any info on that. I know I do, but I wanna catch him myself. After the officers left, Elm asked what Mr. Pokemon had. I showed him the Egg, and he looked perplexed.

Elm: So... he gave me an Egg?
Ace: *still in pain* Yeah... I guess so.
Elm: Here, take a seat. *pulls up a chair*
Ace: Thanks Prof. Oh. By the way, Oak came by to his place and gave me a Pokedex.

Elm looked surprised and elated all in one go. He said that he has a good eye for kids with potential. He said I should go take the Gym Leader challenge. I told him I would think about it since I would just go home for the night and rest up. Elm concurred with the statement and told him I would see him tommorow.

And so, the first mission Ace received ended in a loss, but his perseverance shows when he was reluctant to disclose Soul's name. What will happen next? Will Ace find Soul and challenge him again?! Find out next time!

Next Chapter: New Friends, New Challenges
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User Info: MeLikeyPie

5 years ago#8
Lawl. Totally owned Soul there. Except for that one uppercut, but hey. ;P
Here I come, King of Heroes! Do you have enough weapons at your disposal? - Emiya Shirou

User Info: ShadowLyzerg66

5 years ago#9
Chapter 4: New Friends, New Challenges

The next morning, I woke up looking like a mummy. Mom patched me up but it got kinda outta hand and she sorta went overboard with the wrapping. I took off most of the gauze and wrapping and neatly put it away. *sighs* Mom always is and was, worried about me. She can get pretty overprotective. Regardless, I know she has the best intentions for me. I got out of bed, still pretty sore from what happened yesterday and got dressed up and ready to go.

Mom looked at me with that face that goes, "You are a tenacious kid you know that?" Nevertheless, I sat on the chair opposite of my mom. She sets down her cup of morning coffee and speaks.

Mom: You are quite a difficult child you know that right?
Ace: Not really difficult. More like headstrong.
Mom: Still, that causes difficulty from me.
Ace: I know Mom. I think that's the job of all offspring of the world.

We both laugh and as Mom sips her cup of joe, I go into the fridge and get myself some OJ. Nothing like OJ to start the day. I pour myself a cup and continue talking to Mom.

Ace: Mom...?
Mom: Yes Ace?
Ace: Do you think I will ever get to see Zane again?
Mom: Well, if he comes travelling through here, then yes. But don't forget, you are on your own right now. This journey you can only take.

I smile and nod and finish the last little drops of the oran juice (I c wut u did thar moment lol) that there was in the cup. I pack my things and gave my mom a good-bye hug. She waved good-bye one last time and she slowly closed the door. Dad hasn't been around in a while ever since he got called to go work over in Sinnoh for some operation there.. so Mom has been taking care of me ever since.

After a few minutes, I get to Elm's lab again, since he has to explain to me what this whole Gym Leader challenge is.

Ace: *sees the Prof. working on the computer* Hey Elm, what's going on?
Elm: Oh, hey there Ace. You feeling any better?
Ace: *rotates arm* Still sore, but I'll live. *chuckles*
Elm: So you wanted to know the Gym challenge that I mentioned last night, am I right or

I nodded and he proceeded to explain. There are 8 Gym Leaders in the entire region, each specializing in different types of Pokemon. My goal as a trainer, is to beat all 8 of them and get to the Elite 4 and challenge them. Once I defeat them, I must challenge the Champion, and beat him so I can become Champion.

Ace: So, that's it? Just beat around 13 strong trainers and win a title that makes me Champion? That will be a piece of cake! Ignis! Come on out.

I sent out my Cyndaquil, Ignis, and told him our plan. Ignis sparked with excitement and energy. Now THAT is what I want to see in a Pokemon. So we said our good-byes to Elm and headed off but not before Redwood came along and handed us some Pokeballs. Redwood said that we couldn't complete the Pokedex without capturing a few Pokemon. I was caught off guard so all I could managed to utter out was "Thank you".

With that, I headed out to start my journey for real. I entered back to the Route I started on to go to Mr. Pokemon's house. As I was walking in the grass, a lone Sentret walks up to me.

Ace: It looks like it wants to battle! Ignis! Tackle attack!

Ignis charged at it and it took a direct hit! Sentret was down. So I got one of the Pokeballs and threw it at the Normal-type and 1. 2. 3. CLICK! I got him! My first Pokemon ever caught. I named him Scout and gave him a Potion to heal up. I sent him out and he curled up on my head, much to Ignis' chagrin. This is going to be an epic journey!

And so, with a new ally in Scout, Ace heads off to fight his first Gym battle over in Violet City. What awaits him there? Only one way to find out!

Next Chapter: Love? Nah!
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User Info: SinisterSandman

5 years ago#10
Lydia, oh Lydia, say have you met Lydia...?



Lydia the ta-a-tooed lady!


Nice going, keep it up!
The Muppet Show!
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