Soulsilver Nuzlocke....with a twist!

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User Info: kagster123

5 years ago#1
Hi all. I love doing runs of Pokemon games doing various challenges. I've now decided on a Nuzlocke run, but with a special twist. I'll be using the "random wild pokemon encounter" code for my AR, which means that ANY of the 493 Pokemon available in this game can appear, at ANYTIME. Since I've been busier lately and my school will be starting soon, ill be doing this in a more casual "notes" write-up, but will still try and make it as interesting as possible. That being said, here are the rules.....


1. Only the first Pokemon may be caught on any route. Any routes that have caves, etc.. allow another Pokemon to be caught inside. If the Pokemon faints or flees, too bad so sad.

2. If I get bad luck and the Pokemon is a duplicate of what I already have (or related to the species) , I'm allowed ONE more chance to find another species.

3. Trading for evolutions is allowed (e.g. Kadabra > Alakazam), however, in-game gift Pokemon/trades are not allowed.

4. I must either faint or run away from Legendary Pokemon; They're not allowed (excludes story Legendaries). Story legendaries still cannot be used in battle. If a legendary Pokemon is the first Pokemon of a new route, I'm allowed ONE more chance to try for a non-legendary.

5. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.

6. If a Pokemon faints, it will be placed in a box called "R.I.P." and never to be used again.

7. If I need an HM to continue the game but don't have a Pokemon that can learn it, I'm allowed to catch one that can, but it cannot be used in battle.

8. Limit of 3 items per battle.

9. Unlimited Pokemon Center use.

10. Since this doesn't change any of the trainers or gym leaders Pokemon, I must set a level cap for myself. If a Pokemon reaches this cap, it can't be used in battle until the next gym leader is defeated (it can participate in that gym battle if I choose to use it, however). This is to maintain a challenge as I progress through the game so I can't continuously grind against (presumably) good wild Pokemon. The caps are as follows:

Falkner-Level 15
Bugsy-Level 20
Whitney-Level 22
Morty-Level 25
Chuck-Level 28
Jasmine-Level 30
Pryce-Level 33
Clair-Level 40
Elite 4-Level 48

So if lets say I catch a Raichu and it gets to level 33 as I'm going through the Lake of Rage, I can't use it at the team rockets hideout or in Pryce's gym, besides against Pryce himself. After that it's usable again until it reaches level 40. In which case I can't use it until I fight Clair herself. You might think this isn't restricting enough, but if I get unlucky with my rolls this gives me a little insurance to fall back on. I've not decided if this cap continues into Kanto, but it most likely will.

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User Info: kagster123

5 years ago#2
Part 1: And so the journey begins!

-I wake up in my room, ready to start my Pokemon adventure! I go downstairs and my mom seems to give me a few things like my bag, a "journal" to save my progress, and....wait, what?!?! How does she have the power to give me options which can change how fast people speak? Now if only she had the power to make people shut up permanently...

-I head out, and here comes Lyra and her Marill. She chats continuously as I tune her out as I'm too excited. You know what Lyra? It's girls like you that turned me gay. I just don't want to deal with your ****.

-I head over to professor Elms, excited to find out he wants my help and decides to give me a Pokemon! Who will I choose? None other than Chikorita of course! I've used it the least out of all 3, and I figure the level 6 Razor Leaf will come in handy much more than in a vanilla playthrough, so why the heck not?!?! It will be nicknamed Baws, as that's what Chickorita is and will be the leader of all my Pokemon!

-I get stopped by his assistant, need to visit my mother, and get stopped by professor Elm before I can head out of town. Jeez I must be the Lady GaGa of the Pokemon world. Too famous for my own good.

-So the code is in place, I step into the grass, wondering what I'll find even though I can't catch it yet. It's an....Altaria! Level 2! An easy kill I thought....I was totally wrong! That thing had a perfect accuracy Sing I tell you! It's constant Growling didn't help either. 20 years later, I finally knocked it out and was immediately bumped up to lvl 6! Learned Razor Leaf and went on my merry way!

-I arrived in Cherrygrove, obtained my lovely free pair of running shoes from the creepy old man and healed up my Baws. He deserves the rest after that horrific Altaria. I head north but get stopped by the creepy old man again. Ok dude, if I wanted a sugar daddy he'd at least have to be a lay off me brah!

-I head north, and the first Pokemon I encounter is....a Rayquaza. Holy mother of Magikarps. I figured I'd tried to kill it for exp. "Rayquaza used Twister!" It did 4 damage, not bad I thought! "Baws used Tackle!" It did a sliver of it's health...."Ya **** this" I said, and we FLEED for the woods...or Mr. Pokemon's house.

-I finally arrived, my poor Baws hurt but a level higher, and rested at Mr. Pokemons house as both he and Professor Oak chatted with me for what seemed like an eternity. He handed me a "mystery egg" and told me to deliver it to Professor Elm right away. Seeing as how older men have a thing for me, I decided to jam right then and there to prevent a....mistake.

-As soon as I step out the door, Professor Elm Cleo decides to ring me up on my Pokegear and say that a Pokemon was stolen from his lab and I need to head back right away! I told him I'd be there in a jiffy!

-On my way back to the lab, a red headed boy caught my eye. I thought to myself, "check for limp wrists, check for some feminine swagger, ANYTHING! Ok lemme just start a conversation and see if he has a lisp, he's a solid 6 at least." Before I even had the chance, he started yelling at me, calling me weak and saying the Pokemon I got from the lab is a waste on me. "Oh hell no girlfriend, you messed with the wrong dude..." And so our battle began. My Chikorita easily took care of his poor Cyndaquil, and the rage he was building made his face more red than his hairdresser dyed his hair. Speaking of which I could use their number. ANYWAY!!! He bad mouthed me some more and huffed and puffed as he shoved me aside and went away. I noticed him coming back, he left his trainer card on the ground. I quickly picked it up and got a glimpse of his name "douchebag" before he swiped it from my hand and ran off. Hmph... kids are so ungrateful these days.
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User Info: kagster123

5 years ago#3
-I finally made it back to the lab, being accused by the cop as the thief. My mom's taxes pays your salary dude, so back the **** off. Just than Lyra enters and says that it's not me, it was a red headed boy. I than told the cop I battled a trainer on the way here with red hair and gave him his name. With everything sorted out, Lyra and the cop left as I handed the mystery egg to the professor. He sees the potential in me, and tells me I should take the gym leader challenge. I think, "why the hell not?" Nothing else to do in the Pokemon world apparently. He gives me a few Pokeballs to start me off, awesome!

-I finish a few errands around town before I set off on my journey. I visit my mom and tell her to save some of my money cause I'm a big gambler...never good. Sayonara mamasita! You won't be missed!

-Of course as I head out of town Lyra would be there derping around. I try and take an alternate path around the woods but the ***** has x-ray vision or something. "HEEEEYYYY ETHAN!!! OVER HERE!!!!" I reluctantly go..."Hey Ethan! I'm about to catch a Pokemon, let me teach you how!" "Gee in the Pokemon universe I obviously wouldn't know how to catch one..." "JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME SHOW OFF FOR YOU! MARILL!!! TACKLE THAT RATTATA!!! Ok, now it's HP is low, time for a Pokeball! "Dat der Rattata still seems pretty healthy to me Lyra, maybe you shou-" "POKEBALL GO!!!!" *one shake, two shake, three shake, BAM! CAUGHT!* "You forget this is a Rattata Ethan, they're pretty pathetic. Anyways good luck!" She heads off, THANK GOD, and I head off too, hoping my first Pokemon won't be pathetic....

That's all for part one folks! :)

Ok...I can't leave you poor guys hanging....THIS IS HOW THE FIRST CATCH ALL WENT DOWN.

-I get into the grass, so excited to see what will come. I look to my left.."dah nah nah nah nah nah nah" "A wild Heatran appeared!" Oh crap. This sucks. On top of Baws not being able to crap too it, I can't use legendaries! I flee and hope the next one is something more...Rattata-esque.

-Ok..lets try this again...."dah nah nah nah nah nah nah" "A wild Anorith appeard!" Ok..not bad, Anorith's pretty cool. I send out Baws and do some Razor Leaf Pawnage. It gets to the red, and I throw a Pokeball! *one shake, two shake, three shake, BAM! CAUGHT!* "Sweet! You're mine Anorith! Actually, you'll now be named Casey, as you remind me of a female friend of mine that loves bugs!"

-Having just done this, I open up the always dependable bulbapedia and skim the page like that of a textbook. Stats aren't bad...Armaldo's a cool dude(tte) get there at level 40. ALL MY HATE. On top of that, it learns all it's good moves late. You're practically worthless for this entire playthrough Casey, why you gotta be trolling me? Than I remembered the Rock Tomb TM is quite early and I jumped for joy. Than I remembered that it can't learn U-turn. This is so much fun.

-I head to Cherrygrove, healing up my Baws cause, well, he's just so Baws, and my newly caught Casey. We decided to chill for a night, and head out in the morning!

Stick around for the next instalment to see what we catch on Route 30, 31, and Dark Cave!
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User Info: Defender31415

5 years ago#4
Tracking. If you'd gotten a Rayquaza... well, GG CPU.
--- LG Nuzlocke Team: Percy (Blastoise), Sora (Pidgeot), Xena (Primeape), Bronte (Electrode), Eremos (Sandslash), La-Z-Boy (Snorlax)

User Info: kagster123

5 years ago#5
Part 2: Ups and downs

-So we've got our first two team members last time. After a pit stop at Cherrygrove, Baws, Casey, and I prepare to head on to route 30 and see what awaits!

-I've finally realized with this playthrough that I dive into a Pokemon session in a very systematic way. I like to have spicy seeds nearby and a large glass of iced coffee. It's always iced coffee or things just go wrong. I turn the TV off and get rid of all my tabs on the internet, and oh god that phone needs to be thrown on my bed where the vibrations can't make me lose my concentration. There's nothing worse than a distracted Pokemon player. This is serious business.

-I take my first steps onto route 30, and halfway through the first patch of grass a wild Pokemon decides to attack me. I really never got this quite honestly. What if I don't have Pokemon? What if I'm some 6 year old kid playing in a park and a wild Dragonite just decides to mutilate me cause I can't defend myself? These are the questions that haunt me. I sip my iced coffee to remember that I need to get back in the game.

-I was shocked that the game decided to love me. A wild Toxicroak, level 4! Toxicroak is one of my fav Pokemon from gen IV, and just a really cool Pokemon overall. As you can tell, I was excited and was quite ready to catch this mofo.

-I sent out Baws. "Give it a tackle!" *critical hit* I know what you're expecting here folks, but let me tell you, you're wrong. It lived with a sliver of health. You know why? Dat der iced coffee. It just works miracles. On top of this, Toxicroak was...croaking out. It's holding a black sludge! Oh em to the gee.

-I threw my Pokeball. Now I didn't know what Toxicroak's catch rate was, but I assumed that it wouldn't be very easy to catch. It did have very low hp, so *one shake, two shake, three shake, BAM! CAUGHT!* Holy ****. I have one of the coolest Pokemon in the game. It was female, and I decided to name it Starbucks, in honor of my wonderful iced coffee. Surely it's the only reason I got this lucky!

-So I decided to go back to Cherrygrove and heal, immediately putting my Starbucks in the front slot. The wild Pokemon throughout the rest of this route weren't too interesting, so I'm not including them.

-The trainers on the other hand are always interesting. You guys know who I'm talking about. Joey and his top percentile Ratatta. Hardy har har what a big joke. Well not this playthrough, that thing nearly knocked out my Starbucks! When your most powerful attack against it is Poison Sting, and it gets 2 crits in a row on you, you start to panic. Joey's Ratatta, I will forever fear you.

-After that Ratatta nightmare, I decided to heal up again and wail on the next two trainers. They were a lot easier, but than again they don't have the best Ratatta in the Pokemon world. As I continued on, the text "route 31" came up on my screen. I think you all know what that means.

-Now you can probably tell from this parts title that things will be going downhill. Well this was the start, and it plummeted pretty fast. I walked into the grass, and the first step immediately yielded a wild Pokemon. I thought to myself "gee, I don't think anything can top Toxicroak." Boy was I right.

-It was a Delibird. Yup you read that right. I don't even know why people think Delibird is cool. I think it's just terrible. I reluctantly decided to catch it. Now that I think about it, I should have just knocked it out and continued on, but whatever. I decided to nickname it "useless" as that's exactly what it is, and I don't even think I'll be using it. You've failed me iced coffee.
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User Info: kagster123

5 years ago#6
-Dark cave is right there, and I decide to check it out to capture a new Pokemon. After that Delibird fail, I could use something to cheer me up a little. I walk around a little bit and the music plays, my heart races, and the next member of my team flashes onto the screen...

-"a wild Slaking appears!" Ugh. Slaking is cool and all but that ability just totally kills it. I decided to go to bulbapedia and check it out before I decide to catch it. It was at this Point I realized I have practically nothing to take on Falkner. Slaking comes with both Yawn and Encore, so I believe it could really help me against him. I sent out Starbucks and give it a few Mud Slaps! Once it gets to the red zone, I throw a Pokeball! *one shake, two shake, three shake, BAM! Caught!*

-Now the first thing I noticed about Slaking was it's moobs...or whatever those are. Yes I know, I'm crazy. It's also pretty fat. Mine was female (jeez the ladies love me), so I decided to name it cellulite. It was the first thing that popped into my head.

-I continued through the rest of the route, battling the pathetic bug catcher and his crappy Pokemon. The last wild Pokemon on the route was an Entei. Really? This was the 2nd wild Pokemon I encountered on route 31...granted I can't catch it, but Delibird? I just ran. Looking at it made me want to punch the wall.

-Once I reached Violet City, I healed up my Pokemon. Actually, that wasn't even the first thing I did. The first thing I did was deposit that Delibird into the PC. It was the best feeling in the world. A true sense of Euphoria. I then saved my game and decided to call it a night. That was rough, I don't think I could've taken any more bad luck.

Stick around for the next instalment as we take Violet City by storm!
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User Info: TrainerYellow

5 years ago#7
So far me like
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User Info: darksoul69420

5 years ago#8
.............only remotely funny nuzlocke ive ever read. right full of homoerotic undertones though lmao.

User Info: Defender31415

5 years ago#9
Delibird... ugh. Toxicroak... WIN! Entei... dang, missed another legend.
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User Info: Mugiloko

5 years ago#10
This is gonna be fun. Tracking
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